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1998-08-18 00:00:00 - OT: Techno Dyslexics, Birkhoff, Gays & Divison of Labor - (reina616@aol.com)

Stremy 1 said: >Meanwhile, I am still sweating out programming my VCR. I >couldn't learn all that business in 5 years! Which means, of course, I'd >be worm food. As fellow chow for the squirmies, who can read Aristotle but not tech manuals hence, can't get her not-that-new VCR to record and relies on the generosity of volunteer tape angels for LFN episodes, I'd like to hearken back to a favorite episode: NOISE, written by Michael Loceff,( LFN story editor, writer of several of my favorite and recently least favorite episodes) and relate it to the insults we AOLers sometimes get. AOL is home to a lot of technological dyslexics. Any computer savvy type can sneer at us for being on AOL, as if that were the sole criteria for intelligence and human worth. But if you remember NOISE, Birkhoff, who is better than almost anyone at computer stuff, relied on his friend Nikita to encourage him through his shyness and inexperience with young women. Peta Wilson will be loved by Gen X males forever for that episode. Peta, no way will you be flavor of the week, month or year. You are now every young man's fantasy woman angel. And I'm sure Birkhoff could learn and benefit from other peoples' talents. (Would love to see a scene in which Birkhoff asks Michael for advice on giving a woman pleasure, while showing clips from HARD LANDING, PSYCHIC PILGRIM & OBSESSED. Michael's always been very formal with Birkhoff. It would humanize Michael more and could be quite delightful. Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman-philosopher, was once picked up in the 1930's with a group of other unemployed vagabond men to work on a job. They were driven to a site and sorted themselves out. Some set up tents, others kitchens. And on an on. Hoffer exulted in the fact that if they'd needed a constitution, they could have found someone in the group who knew how to write one. THAT's the world I live in. That is not the world I see in Section One. There is a Soviet-like lack of individuality and interchangeability in the operatives. The biochemist Roger Williams once wrote a little book called FREE AND UNEQUAL. His nutritional star charts showed that I might need 3 grams of Pantothenic Acid (the b vitamin he discovered) and you might need only 30 milligrams. A star chart of our talents would show that Stremy 1 and I have barely visible technological skill, yet have other talents that might be almost off the chart. Would like to see that shown on LFN sometimes. What makes this country so powerful is that we are a mongrel nation. Many races. Many cultural backgrounds and languages and lifestyles. Months ago, I created a handsome, aristocratic Gay Valentine Op and wrote a mini-scenario called *Michael's Dance* in which he appeared (and made Michael quite jealous. Loooove to do that. (on my website: geocities.com/Paris/Parc/51217). Section One needs not only Gay ops. It needs African ops, Asian ops, Irish ops, Middle-Eastern ops. Don't TPTB listen to the news? Bombings in Africa, the Middle East, Ireland. Bit roles to add a bit of flavor and spice to the series, not just that bland procession of zombies every week marching out and, alaas, not always marching back in.