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2001-06-16 23:46:48+00:00 - Evil that men do--one more time - (trajan <trajan@optonline.net>)

Re-watched this ep the other night, and I was even more impressed by ERG's handling of Operation's downfall. Best acting he did during the last 2 season, IMHO. I was completely absorbed by the mindset of the once mighty brought low. Alone in the perch, as usual, but this time REALLY alone, while Mr. Jones and "Daddy's little girl" handling things from the floor. Unwilling even to put up the facade of interest when Michael comes to debrief. Complete acceptance of his position, and complete rejection at the same time. Really excellent. I alternately wanted to kick Ops in the kishkas and pat him on the head and say "there, there, everything will be fine, we'll have you back to threatening, torturing, and promoting general mental anguish in just a bit." I wasn't sure if I'd like it as much on re-watching. In fact, I liked it better. Does anyone know what ERG is planning for the future, acting-wise? Regards, Trajan (Missing Alberta's and ERG's intensity)