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1998-08-02 00:00:00 - Another ng newbie...Hi Little Heather - (clbcrb@aol.com)

>Hi, new poster here, > >I happen to like Birkoff/Matthew Ferguson, **Plenty of company here...Birkoff is a fav <uh oh, I smell teeny >bopper fan inside, go away!<smile>>. **Nope...stick around. You are my no means the youngest... Jenn, Amanda? I'm so glad I found this news group, >because now I have people to discuss Nikita with, **If you're looking for even more compnay you can be a Birkoff Babe. E-mail me for the addy of the discussion list. I am clbcrb@aol.com I don't know anyone in >real life who likes the show as much as I **Real life? What's that ? <record it sunday, watch it at >2am thursday night> **Don't feel like the lone ranger LOL >Little Heather >Little-One-Poo@msn.com > Welcome Little Heather >P. S. for the record<aka feeling guilty> I am 21/female, a bit young, but in >most ways, older than I should be<at least, so I'm told...> > **Nothin' to feel guilty about....sounds good to me Cheers ! Domino