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1999-01-30 00:00:00 - Need great still screen grabs please! - (dgcooper@interport.net)

Hi! I'm working on a new commercial web site being launched in a month. The first issue of this online magazine will contain a major piece on one aspect of the making of La Femme Nikita. We're working with Warner Bros. publicity in LA and the staff in Toronto. Believe it or not, we're having trouble getting great still shots from this season's episodes. Warner's is trying to find some, and we'll have some behind the scenes Polaroids taken by the crew, but we really need a bunch of pictures from this season, especially the first episode: you remember....Nikita in the "coolie" outfit that changed into a mission suit, shots of Nikita in the mission suit, shooting with a gun in each hand, glamour shots of Peta in great Section One outfits, plus at home wear. Closeups of her as well as shots showing off her outfits. Shots of Roy (with his new haircut), Eugene, Alberta, Matthew and Don. I just know some of you have pulled high quality still screen grabs, and I'd like to have them for inclusion. It'll all be OK with Warner's, so there's no copyright question. And we'll be happy to mention you in the acknowledgments. Please email me at dgcooper@interport.net Thanks, and please, I'm building the site fast, so I'd appreciate quick responses. Dan