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2000-12-23 21:36:46+00:00 - UK Channel 5 viewers news - (Frampton Binliner III <framptonbinliner@hotmail.com>)

Hey folks, I emailed the duty office at C5 the other day, and got this lovely reply from them: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your recent e-mail. You will be pleased to know that we do have the rights to show series four of LA FEMME NIKITA. At the moment, the series has not been scheduled. It is quite customary for programmes to take a break between series but we have logged your interest in seeing this programme return to Channel 5 for the attention of our Planning Department. Please note that the contact details for the Channel 5 Duty Office are as follows: Telephone: 0845 7 05 05 05 Text telephone for use by deaf people: 0845 7 41 37 87 E-mail: dutyoffice@channel5.co.uk Fax: 020 7550 5678 And the Channel 5 website can now be found at: www.channel5.co.uk Thank you for your interest in Channel 5. Yours sincerely DUTY OFFICER ------------------------------------------------------------------- Good news for us - it looks fairly safe now, at least we don't have to convince them to buy it. It will be on at some stage, so I suggest we wait a month and then start emailing again... Binman