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1999-10-11 00:00:00 - Swimming Through A Sea Of Estrogen, Part Deux - (Chris Touhey <ctouhey@onramp.net>)

Well, here we are again at the finish of another successful La Femme Nikita Fan Convention! I just got home this evening. Now, if I can just scrub off a little of this estrogen before I go buying shoes or rearranging furniture... There were more guys there than last year, which was good, but there were so many more women (hey, like I'm complaining?) than last year that the ratio was pretty much the same. A couple guys of note that I enjoyed meeting and visiting with were Colin Whipple of the newsgroups and Jeff ?? (author of the outstanding Carlos' Kill Reports from the Nikita List). Let's hope next year will add even more testosterone to the mix. It was also great to finally meet Su (Suzita), Gabie, Karen (Chilton), Ann Marie (Jrzygirl), Granvia, and many others including some Texas and even Houston fans! Of course, seeing all the wonderful people I met last year made it seem almost like a homecoming... Rather than a blow by blow report, which I am sure others have given (I'll check after I post this), I just gonna hit some high points in no particular order. First, the Black Dress Ball. Now I must admit that we had a stellar crop of women this year. I had noticed many of them, dressed in everything from sweatshirts & jeans to Section-like black outfits. But the Ball. Let me say this now to all you guys, gals, humans, and extra-terrestrials -- it would have taken your breath away. Dresses to DIE for. Long, short, avant-garde, traditional. Jeeze, the Kennedy Center doesn't get a better dressed crowd! But hey -- that's only half the story. Flawless makeup. Hair absolutely perfect. All I could do was stare and try and remember to breathe. I was just hopin' my jaw wasn't hangin' open with that drool kinda thing workin'... The talent show was a great addition to the evening. All of the acts were marvelous, but standouts were (a) a trio of Laura Ferlan (aka L), Sherry Chiasson (aka SCC), and Shirley Masuo (aka Shirleym) who did three hilarious songs (replete with costume changes) and (b) Esther Burns (aka EZBee) who did a Sword Dance (and I'm talkin' big ole chop-a-head-off weapon!) that showed both skill and grace. MC Carlo Rota (Mick) commented that he wanted to get with her later and show her HIS sword... Speaking of Carlo Rota, he was great. Like Don Franks, he has a lot in common with the character he portrays. He was great fun, interesting, and did a wonderful job both on the celebrity panel and as MC. The bus tour was much longer this year and hit a lot of spots. The Old Mill was again the site of lunch, and it was very good again this year. Kudos to Lori Van Ekeren for all her hard work. I would recommend taking the tour, but a word to the wise: don't get wasted the night before and sit in the back of the bus with all the extra motion... (close, but I managed not to hurl.) The stars were all great. I was real disappointed in the limited ability to get autographs. There were a lot of reasons for this, but it was still disappointing. I really wanted to give Alberta a big 'ol hug. (Yeah, right, like security is really gonna let me get that close...) Would have been nice to get Don Francks to sign his CD too. Haven't listened to it yet... Got to speak with Chris Heyn a couple of times this year -- he's really a pretty nice guy. I did get one of the limited edition, numbered Rhea's Obsession Eclipse CDs. I would give it the nod over the first one. I kinda like it. There were lots of other neat stuff I am sure others will talk about in detail. I played crazed fan and bought a lot of it. Picked up another piece of original art this year at the auction. It was a pastel of Roy Dupuis and I think it is really good. It was created by Aly2 for Susan2's Mira fundraiser. Aly2 won it and donated it to the auction. I am very pleased to have bid successfully for it. Missed Chilton & Jrzy's purchase of the set visit -- had to return a business call on Sunday! Ya know, it's really great to see the stars and production crew; and the blooper reel is really quite funny. But the true uniqueness of the experience is cemented as you see all the wonderful on-line friends and personalities come alive before your eyes. We live in a truly unique time. The dawning / evolution of the internet age has allowed people to develop friendships and relationships in a very old fashioned way -- through written communication. This is a brief, unique moment in this evolution as increased bandwidth and speed will eventually make streaming video and video communications the norm. We are actually reliving the history we know as written communication and incorporating it with the 1990's realities of affluence and jet travel. Never before have dynamics such as these been present, and I don't believe they will surface again in my lifetime. I am very pleased to be a part of this experience. Thanks to all of you who take the time to participate. Chris PS - Robin was very much missed.

1999-10-12 00:00:00 - Re: Swimming Through A Sea Of Estrogen, Part Deux - (Wickddoll <wickddoll@nofeckingspam.com>)

Chris Touhey <ctouhey@onramp.net> wrote in message news:3802A295.B4184252@onramp.net... *SNIP* > There were more guys there than last year, which was good, but there > were so many more women (hey, like I'm complaining?) than last year that > the ratio was pretty much the same. Funny, I seem to remember your noticing only one particular woman. =D Natalie, whistling innocently