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2001-05-14 21:58:02-04:00 - Debrief : 4 eps of S5 so far.... - (DONShaza <Shazayn@MailAndNews.com>)

I have watched 4 episodes of S5... I wanna say that I've survived it but I might not survive the rest of S5, so I'll wait until I've watched the rest of it...This time, transcripts have not prepared me fully for actual viewing. For one thing, I just have to say that I simply LOVE DVAOA. It is indeed Deja Vu! When you see Nikita jump through the window, shoot some people, jump onto that table and then move her b***, don't you just see Nikita of S1/S2? She even smiled like the Nikita I used to know... By AGWWT, though, you know that she's not the same. She *is* a bit cocky. When she was with Walter, I can't help thinking that wow, you've betrayed him and now you are asking him for help... thankfully, Walter has already forgiven her... but she's so cold, what? No kiss on the cheek after he gave you an search disc that Birkoff made especially for him for emergency? She's just cold and distant... by ITTOD, it occurs to me that she's now like everyone else in Section, more like... Michael. My question is, does it HAVE to be like that? Nikita is no longer in the 5% group of operatives (those whose souls have not been sucked in by Section). She's now just driven by her desperation to know who her father is - a father who doesn't want her to know, why else has he taken precautions after precautions to stop her from finding out? She even hurt Mick/Mr.Jones in ATWAS. I thought that the twists and turns of the first four of S5 are classic LFN. BUT. It's still painful to watch. (So, okay, I cried at that last scene between Ops and Maddy - they shouldn't have brought Maddy back. It's unfair to Ops, unfair to us, but AW gives great acting as usual.) I even suffered a headache after ATWAS and couldn't continue watching! LOL! So far? I love S5. Shaza :D (running for cover) "We can take all the precautions in the world, but this is Michael we are dealing with." - Operations, TANM ------------------------------------------------------------ Get your FREE web-based e-mail and newsgroup access at: http://MailAndNews.com ------------------------------------------------------------