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2000-08-28 00:35:22-07:00 - The ending fit rather well IMHO. - (George <snon@pacbell.net>)

S P O I L E R S P A C E * * * * * * * * * * * Yes, the ending did not leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling. However... Think about what show we're talking about here. This ain't Xena, Warrior Princess (speaking of shows that have completely corrupted the original nature of its main characters), this is La Femme Nikita we're talking about. More than anything, this show is designed to make you ponder, think and wonder about the motivations of the characters involved. By any standard, the Season Finale accomplished that. You may wish for a "happy" ending, but since was LFN about happy endings? This was a very logical ending purely from a storyline point of view. Think about it: how DID someone as sensitive as Nikita manage to survive the ruthless environment of Section? She HAD to have an outside support line (as opposed to Michael, who is far too awash in Sectionness) in order to maintain any semblance of sanity or at least humanity. And it's worth noting that Nikita did NOT, contrary to the belief of some viewers, turn into Madeline. Maddy never would have pulled the kind of favors that Nikita pulled for Walter or Michael at the end. Does Nikita love Michael? Without a doubt -- that last shot juxtaposing Nikita's face with Michael running indicates that Nikita is still thinking about him. If Nikita were so cold-blooded, she would have put Michael immediately out of her mind and the show would have ended with a shot of Nikita walking in one direction while Michael moved in the other, or something like that. Fact is, the only way Nikita could get Michael to embrace his freedom was to convince him she did not love him. If Michael thought Nikita still loved him, he would have stayed in Section. He was willing to die for her, he certainly would have given up his freedom to remain near her, if he thought she loved him. BUT, if he believed Nikita didn't love him, then and only then would he turn to thoughts of his own life and freedom. No, Nikita lied to Michael precisely because she does love him, and wants him to live the kind of free life that she can never have. That's true love, as opposed to selfish "Stay With Me" love.

2000-08-31 23:28:17-04:00 - Re: The ending fit rather well IMHO. - (acarter <acarter@monmouth.com>)

Deb Milner wrote: > On Mon, 28 Aug 2000 00:35:22 -0700, "George" <snon@pacbell.net> wrote: > > >S > >P > >O > >I > >L > >E > >R > > > >S > >P > >A > >C > >E > > > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > >* > > > >Yes, the ending did not leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling. However... In the spirit of the original movie, the American counter-point, and the TV series, this series is not supposed to leave us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. We are always left with that kick in the groin feeling. I'm still feeling bittersweet about the 8 new episodes. Part of me likes this ending, but another part wants to see a happy one ... *sigh* > What struck me so hard was that Nikita, as Michael's student/protege > had mastered that part of Michael. What I saw while watching Nikita > was Michael wearing Nikita's face. Now THAT was the scary part for me! In the end, Nikita became a much more cold and calculating agent than Michael! *whew* -- acarter@monmouth.com "The more I know ... the less I understand" Heart of the Matter by Don Henley

2000-09-01 16:29:49+00:00 - Re: The ending fit rather well IMHO. - (captanne@aol.com)

>Nikita became a much more >cold and calculating agent than Michael! Not sure I agree with that. I don't think she'll ever surpass him. Her position at Center is appointed and, presumably, negotiated. As far as being an agent? Michael wins. As far as the two of them combined? Unstoppable. She compliments his dark nature. Anne

2000-09-01 16:31:17+00:00 - Re: The ending fit rather well IMHO. - (captanne@aol.com)

>Her position at Center is appointed and, presumably, negotiated. > I meant to add: as opposed to EARNED. Anne