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2000-01-31 00:00:00 - EURO LFN CON IN PARIS - (Isabelle <kadyn@cybercable.fr>)

Disappointed that you can't quite make CQS3? Still want to meet up with your fellow fans and get to spend some time in an interesting city? Well, we may have the answer... "Rendez-vous In Paris" - the first European mini convention, might be just the thing for you. Location .... where else but the original home of Section, Paris :) Time ... undecided as yet, but tentatively late July/August, over a weekend. Now that things have quieted down a little after the post-arc frenzy of posting, we're re-posting this message in case anyone missed it first time around. Everything is still at the discussion stage so you won't have missed out on the big decision :) At this stage, it's just an idea. Before we get into checking out accommodation and deciding on dates, we wanted to gauge interest. If there are only a couple of people interested then we could probably watch videos in Kadyn's living room... but of course, that would severely restrict the numbers... LOL If we have a lot of people interested, then we would be looking to hire a small conference room with video equipment. The cost of this would then be split between the attendees. Once the date has been decided on we will be asking for a nominal fee (none-refundable) that can be used to secure any meeting space (provided we have the numbers needed for this). In order to start arranging things, we will need to decide on a date by Feb 15th, so if you are interested then you will need to have some idea of what dates in July/August best suit you because this will be going out to a vote. Voting will commence on Feb 1st, closing on Feb 7th. OK, so there might not be any special guests, and strictly speaking there aren't any LFN locations, but we can improvise, after all Paris was the location for the film. Plus those of you who have persevered and watched "Entangled" will know that this was filmed in Paris. However, this is a chance to spend a couple of days with fellow LFN fans. Chatting about your favourite show, watching a few videos, plus spending some time in the fabulous city of Paris. If you would be interested in attending, please sign up to the Rendezvous mailing list : http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/EuroCon You will need to register with Smartgroups first at http://www.smartgroups.com/ Voting takes place on the Euro Con homepage within Smartgroups, so you must be signed up to the Euro Con list in order to participate in the voting. The "virtual voting slips" will be sent out on Feb 1st, these will contain instructions on how to vote. If you sign up to the list after these go out, please contact either of us for instructions. If you have any problems signing up email either Chloe at chloe@iduna.demon.co.uk or Kadyn at kadyn@cybercable.fr Chloe & Kadyn -- "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or else what's Heaven for?" Robert Browning