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1998-09-19 00:00:00 - Hard Landing - (Simmie <simantha@softhome.net>)

Whew... what I've been missing all these months... everyone (especially Night, she just loved to rub my nose in the fact that I missed the majority of s2) kept telling me "YOUR NUTS! You NEED to see this episode!! KILL someone if you need to, JUST SEE THIS EPISODE!!". Boy, were they right! One question though... might need a spoiler space... When Nikita undergoes... I forget the word they used.... reconstruction(?) wouldnt they have her go through a memory test or something, and wouldnt it come out the exact circumstances of her escape and recapture? Of course we KNOW it doesnt happen (or do we...) but wouldnt Section One take that precaution with the need for all that high security? Just a though anyway. Pics will for this ep will be up as soon as I can rehitch my capture system, which will HOPEFULLY be some time tonight. Chow! Simmie