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2001-08-28 07:19:13+00:00 - LFN on DVD - (stevenrubycon@aol.com)

Hi All, I don`t know if anyone is interested or not but i got an email off extreme CD.com. They have put the first 2 episodes of season 1 onto dvd disks. I just asked if they had any plans to put the rest of the seasons on to DVD?. Heres what they said. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Our LFN DVD products are in their infant stage right now. We had received many, many requests for DVD's of LFN and have just released the first volume. These discs are very expensive to produce, so we're waiting to see the response that they get before we commit to the rest if the series. If they do well, we will certainly continue to release LFN on DVD. We have studio broadcast masters for the entire first season already in the wings. If the fans respond, then there will certainly be more. Thanks for your interest, and for visiting Extreme CD. We really appreciate your support. Mark Audess ECD Sales www.extremecd.com