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2000-09-27 00:00:00 - Re: Choice - ("Colin L. Whipple" <colinwNSPM@power.net>)

"Christopher Hadnagy" <chrish@areesacomputers.com> wrote in message news:LXfA5.20164$r9.1202696@news1.epix.net... > > I want the old Ops and Maddy back.....(whining here) I don't think that can be said too often. Colin

2000-09-27 05:53:47+00:00 - Choice - (Christopher Hadnagy <chrish@areesacomputers.com>)

Did that break in scene remind you of Mission Impossible 1? I think they stole the idea from LFN!!! TO THE LETTER! I loved that scene. Also loved the reminiscent scene in the bathroom, shooting that guy in between making out. Loved the emotional rollercoaster of Nikita getting close to the little girl, then the girl disappearing, then the lateness for the mission....wonder why Nikita was not cancelled. "I do not love you"...words ring a bell? Is she just the queen of those painful words or what? Again, ready to hate Mike as he admits to almost running down Gray, but then the mixed emotion for him when you find out it was the better of the 2 plans, the other meant cancellation.... overall a great ep. Alot of character development here. I want the old Ops and Maddy back.....(whining here) Sorry, but that's all I got.... Chris