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1999-09-05 00:00:00 - OT: Recruiting Walter's Wenches - (clbcrb@aol.com)

Passing along this invitation for Guin.. Domino Walter's Wench #11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ << Hey everyone :) I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to join the Walter's Wenches :) Don has been so great about interacting with his fans that I want there to be an impressive number of us for the con. We are up to 177 as of 5 minutes ago. Last year there were only a couple of dozen Wenches at con time so wouldn't it be great to number in the hundreds? Don will be guest auctioneer at the CQS2 Charity Auction again this year and if this year is anything like last he will give the Wenches lots of attention. The Wench Web Page is at : http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Stage/2648/ you can join the update list there and there is also a message board and guest book....if you would like to join and be listed on the directory (which is what I'm hoping) just email me offlist at jkriley@apex.net with your name or codename and the division you would like to be listed in. You can see some divisions on the Directory or make up your own...I'm pretty flexible LOL and then I'll email you back with your official Wench #. Come on...let's show Don our support. Oh yeah, you may not know this...but our very own Carlos is Walter's Wench #99...how's that for a recommendation? <g> Thanks, Guin Walter's Wench, Twin Tart #1 btw--for those that didn't attend the con last year, the Wenches gave Don the gift of a tied dyed bandanna..which he wore in his final scene of the of the final ep of Season 3. What a rush that was for all of us :)

1999-09-05 00:00:00 - Re: OT: Recruiting Walter's Wenches - (hunseyboo@aol.com)

Just to clear one thing up about the Wenches there is NO mailing list involved with joining. It is JUST the Web page and the honor of being one... HB