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1999-04-25 00:00:00 - OT - Matthew Ferguson, Nigel Bennet & Jamie Paul Rock - (Gabriela <gcastagnino@rocketmail.com>)

I just saw the movie "Harrison Bergeron", starred by Sean Astin. Matthew Ferguson played his younger brother, and Nigel Bennett was his doctor (don't worry, Wick, he was a total of 4 minutes throughout the movie). Jamie Paul Rock worked in production, unfortunately I didn't have time to see what kind of involvement, and it wasn't listed in the closing credits. I highly recommend the movie. It was kind of Sectionite in a way. Placed in year 2053, all people in America was meant to be equal ... lowering down the IQ. Minds were modified to level intelligence, so that everybody could be happy. But you need some intelligent people to run certain things (not goverment ;-p). So the Administration was formed. Everybody dressed in black there, when they were recruited their death was faked to the outside world, and no marriages or pregnancies were allowed, except of course when the leader is involved. The movie was a coproduction between CTV and TMN. Released in 1994. Enjoy. Gabie -- Co-webmistress of LFN Our NGer Gang L.O.N.G. page at http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/4458