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1999-11-27 00:00:00 - New Items Added to CQS LFN Online Auction - (towolfs@aol.com)

Dear LFN Fans, The following items were added to the CQS LFN Online Charity Auction late Wednesday night: LFN36 - #120 script signed by writer Bob Cochran LFN37 - #112 script signed by writer Michael Loceff RD87 and RD88 - Gus Gus posters signed by Roy Dupuis PWRD9 - Depeche Mode poster signed by Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis RD89 - Roy T-shirt, X-Large, photo of Roy in blue jeans MF24 - Prodigy poster signed by Matthew Ferguson Each has a least one bid, however, I thought I should make an announcement for those of you who haven't been back to the site in a few days. Also please note: the following items, (which are located at the bottom of Section 5 and Section 4), haven't received any bids as yet. Now is your chance to get into the auction if you haven't already. :) RD2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 - Mira Information Booklets signed by Roy Dupuis RD24 - Mira playing cards signed by Roy Dupuis RD36, 37,38 - Mira license plates signed by Roy Dupuis PW15 - TV Guide signed by Peta Wilson PW27 - Le Lundi signed on the cover by Peta Wilson PW45 - Enhanced B & W photo signed by Peta Wilson PW56, 57, 58 - Downtown Spanish magazines signed by Peta Wilson Thank you for your generous bids, Joyce Wolf