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2000-12-14 15:15:12+00:00 - "First Look" - transcript - (Northstar <karinrose@sympatico.ca>)

For anyone interested here is the transcript of the Season 5 Preview. * * * * * * * * * * * First Look Transcript Transcribed by Northstar Act One The movie opens up with a scene showing us the Hand Dance from Escape. Michael: We fight all the time to stay alive. Let's not fight what's between us. (We next switch to the morning after scene on the boat from Hard Landing) Let's take what we can get. Montage of scenes now including the tub scene, the beach and campfire scene, the train station in Love, jumping thru the window in Looking for Michael and then onto the cage scene in War. Nikita: Michael back to a scene from Friend where Nikita is hanging and then when Michael comes to her rescue jumping thru the window. Michael (voice): Row 8, Plot 30 (we see the picture of the cemetary) Nikita then wakes up in her bed. It's obvious she has been dreaming about all of this. Act Two We see Nikita enter Section and walk through heading towards munitions. She looks up at the perch and then over to Quinn who is working at her terminal. She hands in her equipment and as she turns to look at one of the entryways she imagines she sees Michael walking in. Just then Operations comes walking up to her. Ops: I can't let you leave without a going away present... Some advice. You think you're going to a new life. You're going to leave the violence and the fear behind. You're very much mistaken. Truth is you were sheltered here. The dangers in Center are far worse because they're much more subtle. Be especially careful of Mr. Jones. He's not what he seems. Act Three We see Nikita cutting her hair as music is playing in the background. Then we see her walking down a hallway towards a door. Must be in Center. Nikita: Mr. Jones. (she stands inside as Mr. J starts to walk over to her) Hello. Mr. Jones: Look at you. You look even more stunning than usual. (they shake hands) Welcome to Center. Your duties are straight forward. You'll provide strategic advice to me and my colleagues based on your first hand knowledge of Section One. Don't tell anyone what you do for a living. Abide by security procedure at all times. Nikita: Outside Center? Mr. Jones: Your personal life is your business. I know that's hard to believe after six years in Section but things are quite different around here. Nikita: Operations suggests otherwise. Mr. Jones: Ahh, he's a bitter man. In fact, if you're in danger it's probably him taking revenge on what he feels is your betrayal. So be careful for a while. Nikita: I will. Mr. Jones: Good. Michele's office is to the right. She'll get you started if there are no other questions? Nikita: Actually there is. Why am I here? Mr. Jones: I told you. You're here to advise me. Nikita: No. I mean why am I HERE? In the Section Oversight Center. I was framed and brought into Section. I lived through 6 years of hell. I have a right to know. Mr. Jones: Some questions are bad for your health love, very bad and that one is on the top of the list. Act Four Outside scene and we see Nikita walking along with a bag of groceries. She sits down on a bench where she leans her head back and listens to some music through headphones. All of a sudden you can hear Michaels voice as he says, 'Nikita, be careful'. She sits up straight and looks around and then we hear a gun shot as her bag of groceries is shot. We see her running for cover where she is shot at again. More running as she takes cover again and more shots. We then see her run towards a gate that is obviously locked and jumps over it then looking back and around to see if she can see anything. The End

2000-12-14 17:00:53+00:00 - Re: "First Look" - transcript - (mark5291961@aol.comnospam)

Whoa, way too cool Northstar. Can't wait for January. Does this really mean that Nikita is over after the 8 episodes? If they're doing the eight, why not a full season?