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1998-03-23 00:00:00 - Maddy/Ops....a little more.... - (joesmoe@nowhere.com)

Hmmm, I found tonight's show (3/22) fascinating. We're getting a "bit more" info on Maddy and Ops, particularly with Maddy's comment about the necklace of "not wanting to open things"; There's definitely some history there - now only if LFN would feed us a few flashbacks, that would be nice...... Did anyone notice Maddy & Ops, kind of, having lunch together? Of course they were discussing business, but they were eating together. Maddy also apologized for being direct in her statement above....explaining she didn't want to hurt Ops [in her words]. And later, for Maddy to ask Ops if he was working late, so that she could have a meal prepared for him was ...hmmm....I guess, interesting... [for lack of a better word]......She is quite complex....even sending a mixed signal here and there. Really crazy.....Maddy makes the point to keep Ops "at bay", but then gives a damn that he is working late and might get hungry........ok, that makes sense. She is definitely into "controlling" people and things, as evidenced by her actions with Ops in this episode. Controlling people like to keep others confused.... ----joe [the marriage proposal is still open]