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1998-07-26 00:00:00 - ljc page spoilers - (lafemme99@aol.com)

has anyone read. the detailed script listed on the message board of ljc web site? it is a summary of the last 3 shows. i am very scared that this might be the real thing. while i will say they are brillant with all there twist and turns and suprises. it is also sickening. it goes against everything that i thought this season was working toward. also it gets to be too much, too many twists that i can't keep it straight. lol maybe when it airs it will be easier to comprehend. now i will not let myself fall into this trap of being upset until i see the actually episode, but i definelty get the mystery now. sometimes i wish that i could stay away from these boards, like my friends who don't have a comp and just enjoy the show. although i will still be very disappointed in the at the entire concept, but i guess that is what season finale's are all about. keeping you guessing and wanting to see what happens next. jen:)