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1999-06-21 00:00:00 - HTH Cast review - (revans7877@aol.com)

I can't find a transcript I went by what I saw which was the first 20 minutes and the last 10 I took the dog for a walk...a long walk I wasn't even gonna do one for this ep. ( Operations turns off the tv glancing at Madeline who's tied to a chair) Madeline: I'm calm now.....really I am untie me. ( Nikita moves to untie her) Operations: No! Nikita: ok ok sheesh. Madeline: damnit. Operations: So what did everyone think? Madeline: I think it was a load of *beep* whoever that woman hating hasn't been laid ever antifeminist *Beep Beep Beep Beep* was that wrote this piece of *beep* needs to be *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* with a spoon the lousy good for nothing no talent *beep* I'd like to get him in the white room for a few hours and *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* with a *beepin* shovel and any other rusty object I get my hands on shoving a *beepin beep beep * in his scull and......what the hell are you all staring at?! ( everyone looking at Madeline in horror) Nikita: I've just never seen you this mad Operations: I just want a black hole to open up somewhere and that ep to fall in it never to be seen again Birkoff: ok other than Operations turning Madeline into Larry Flint's secretary Nikita getting into cat fights every five minutes to make it worse the music sucked! Nikita: not to mention you lied to me again! Michael: not to mention you screwed up by giving the mission away in the first five minutes Birkoff: and what the hell was that thing in the beginning where you dreamed of that scene in the pool. When did you become a *beepin* psychic friend Nikita: I know does this mean I get my own network? Michael: This is one of the few times I'm happy I didn't get much air time Madeline: I wish I didn't get any....fanning over that Rene *beep* just wait till I get my hands on- Nikita: can we gag her? Madeline: *beep* you Nikita with a carving knife Operations: oooook let's move away from that Michael: I know that woman was all over you grease on a French fry and in front of everyone too! Nikita: and to top it off you had Birkoff close her file. You were just a *beep* hole this ep Operations: please can we not talk about that Madeline already looks like she's about to end my exisitance Madeline: Damn skippy Birkoff: Oh I know did anyone else catch Michael's wife comment? Nikita: that whole were separated thing? Ha more like gee she thinks I'm dead next question Birkoff: what about Nikita telling that girl to hit her back. Madeline: I know I guess it's been a while since Michael's done it so she'll take what she can get Nikita: hey! we both got butt *beeped* this ep what happened to sticking together Madeline: sorry that was instinct...could you untie me now? Operations: um er I think you need to calm down a bit more first Michael: yeah you tried to clobber Ops with the tv that's not like you....are you sure you aren't a look alike or a clone? Madeline: yes! Damnit this ep sucked it dry there is no need to mention another ep that licked *beep* ok Michael sorry.... hey did anyone else notice that Nikita found someone to take care of Operations: I know what is with you and picking up people as pets why don't you just get a dog like everyone else Madeline: what I was wondering Birkoff: you mean in between the cursing and trying to kill Operations Madeline: yeah....that grid thing had holes in it Nikita could still breath the only way she could have drowned is if she went underwater on purpose Nikita: I know that was just stupid Madeline: and what the hell was Michael doing when you told him to move now he just sat there Birkoff: I don't know I guess he wasn't finished Michael: I don't know what the hell I was doing either but somebody was living out a fantasy with this ep a room full of beautiful whores at this old man's beck and call complete with cat fights both wet and dry for the pleasure of the men. Gotta love this world it's just enough to make me not want to sit through this load of garbage anymore Madeline: like you ever did....could someone loosen the knots (smiling sweetly) I'm chaffing. Nikita: sorry Madeline it's for your own good....say maybe they did it to finally prove that the majority audience is male 22-30 Madeline: (rolls her eyes) tell me about it. But why do it like this? If I wanted to watch a *beepin* soap opera I know how to tape Days of our lives or even As the world turns it wasn't even that original. Pamela Anderson has done better movies than this ep Birkoff: and the choice of music please give me a break or knock me deaf. Not even that was good this ep! Michael: will you get off the music Birkoff: hey I'm not the one who got off this ep Michael: Why you little- Madeline: Hey! There will be no violence here unless I do it! Michael: sorry. Nikita: what was with me giving that girl a gun and telling her to find and kill that guy Michael: and she did it right the first time! Unlike someone did and allowed a man to live who later kidnapped you and replaced you with a look alike....that's another thing you did a Xena backflip in a jump suit in that ep. Why the hell didn't you just jump out of the damn pool? Nikita: because that would have been smart they can't let me do anything smart Madeline: I guess they can't let me do anything smart either...the men must have been complaining about me having actual intelligence instead of standing around half dressed boobs hanging out tossing my hair all ep Nikita: Hey! That takes talent! Birkoff: all it takes is a good rack Nikita: ok moving on Oh what about Walter's little speech Madeline: I know how lame was that Birkoff: and him telling you to think about your future what is section gonna give you a scholarship so you can get a higher education Michael: and then offering you the job of his assistant Nikita: tell me about it that was a sweet deal and of course they made me turn it down how *beepin* stupid do I look Madeline: this ep......very Nikita: all right now everyone needs to admit they were wrong and apologize to me ALL (but Nikita) for what? Nikita: when I was gonna kill all the writers and you stopped me saying it was wrong Madeline: Ok I'm sorry I stopped you Michael: me too Birkoff: me three Operations: me four Madeline: I swear if you untie me I'll help Nikita: Ok! ( moves to untie her) Operations: (looking afraid) no! Not yet.......wait till I get out of section......the country.......the planet ... anyway what did everyone think overall Nikita: I wouldn't wipe my *beep* on the film it was on Michael: that would cut if you did. But it was a serious waste of film Birkoff: the writer needs to lay off the monkey crack Madeline: someone is gonna die for this......... Nikita: (under her breath) Lizzie Borden took an ax...... Operations: Ok that's all for this week NO! Don't untie her! Next week were watching a new ep it might be good but there isn't a way that it could be worse than this weeks Nikita: never say never Birkoff: can we untie Madeline now she looks so much calmer ( Madeline sitting there only thing missing is the halo) Madeline: yes I'm MUCH better now (smiling) Operations: I don't think so.... Nikita: Oh come on (reaches to untie her) Operations: NO! Nikita: oh come- ( her eyes light up and she looks at Michael and Birkoff seeing a similar light) ok.....we won't untie her Madeline: Oh Come on! Birkoff: if you meet our price. (Nikita playing with the rope) Operations: ok....what do you want? Michael: 6 months down time paid vacation Nikita: with a higher credit limit Operations: WHAT! Madeline: untie me and it's yours Operations: No! Ok ok I'll give you 5 months Nikita: Oops my finger is slipping Operations: all right you win! just don't let her go ALL( except O&M) : YES! (Nikita leans closer to Madeline) Nikita: sorry better deal you understand don't you (whispers to her) there's a loose knot by your left hand wait till were out (back to normal) see ya in a few months (they all walk out then run down the stairs grabbing three chairs some sodas and popcorn they'd had stashed away since the middle of the ep they sat looking up at the tower just as Madeline slipped the knot and lunged at Ops Nikita: YES! Maddy Maddy she's got the plan if she can't do it no one OW! He's gonna feel that in the morning! Birkoff: Oh she's going for the atomic piledriver Can she nail it YES! Nikita: Oh there Madeline on the desk she's going for the elbow! Oh and she lands it with authority! Michael: wow she can really swing that chair! I did not know Ops could run that fast Did you remember to lock the door Nikita: yep. OOOOHH he's not getting up from that one Birkoff: YES! POWER SLAM! ALL: GO Maddy it's your birthday go Maddy it's your birthday go go go Nikita: should we feel guilty about taking advantage of Operations like that and then letting Madeline pound the crap out of him...I mean it's not really his fault he didn't write it. Michael: ahh but we didn't take advantage we made a good business deal and technically we didn't untie Madeline....... Nikita: true enough.....Ohh I hope that glass is unbreakable Michael: yeah but Ops bones aren't.....pass the popcorn please best I could do I barely had enough in me to try A>A>M "Why the hell should I care what you think when you don't give a damn what I say. Why the hell should I care how you feel when all you want is for me to -"