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1998-01-29 00:00:00 - ATTN:MICHAEL LOCEFF - (Marian Bauman <ravenna@worldnet.att.net>)

Michael, Michael, Michael! What can I say? As you have perused these LFN files, you know what we want, what we disagree about and what we hate. LFN has reached deep into our darkest corners and we analyze each story arc, verbal exchange, manipulation and look. I am interested in your analysis of 1)The Section, background, maintenance issues & future, 2)Nikita, how will she mature, 3)Michael, at best, a man in disparate parts, could you describe his wishes, fantasies, & dreams (try to manipulate me as little as possible even though the temptation will be there) and 4) which character/or story arc do you most identify with. Believe it or not I am a Candidate in Psychoanalysis and I frequently bring up LFN in seminar (as well as my own analysis). It serves so well as a metaphor, a parody & the real thing. Delicious. Thx Michael and LFN staff for uncovering our darker sides so artfully. Sidonie