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1998-06-02 00:00:00 - Detailed Spoiler for "NOT WAS", are you happy now? - (clbcrb@aol.com)

NOT WAS IN DETAIL..... Alright all of you....stop whining. It's not ladylike. I am borrowing Anne Micha 's spoiler to post here..she is a very ccol op in Canada who posted this detailed spoiler to a list last night. Don't read further if you want to remain pure because it is VERY detailed. Yes (hanging my head in shame). I spiled myself on this one. I COULDN'T help it. Not only that, I have a question after you read this thing. Remember to include spaces for discussion !!! Domino formerly unspoiled Rolling down further Keeping things safe for the unspoiled You're almost there Thanks Anne-Micha Check out her web site http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/1407 HOT IN THIS ONE!!! NOT WAS... appropriate name for this episode... Michael���s memory wasn���t anymore but then was again. It all starts at a Latino style dance club, we see Michael walking towards a staircase and one guard is there. Michael pulls his arm and pitches him down the stairs... no one notices... we then see Nikita walking towards him and she gets pulled into a dance with a guy who hands her some kind of key of sorts... she continues on her way towards Michael. When she reaches him, she starts to try and dance with him, while he starts to hold her hand and she pulls his gun from him... he moves away and she goes down the stairs to an office where there are computers.. Birkhoff tells her to start destroying all the programs in the computers... It���s done but when she tries to get out, the door is locked! Birkhoff tells her she only has a couple minutes to get out of there... She can���t... Birkhoff tells Michael that Nikita is caught and he starts to try and get to her... h! ! e shoots 2 guys but when he does reach Nikita, he���s grabed from behind and zapped with some kind of gun... Nikita tries to shoot back but too late, Michael has been kidnapped. She tells Birkhoff that Michael has been taken and he tells her that there are too many shooters so she has to move out and he���s sending in backup. We then see Michael being wheeled in some sort of big cage, his hands are tied upwards... The bad guys want to know how he knew where to find them and what he knows about them... Michael is still groggy from the zap... The guy wheeling the cage is whistling and doesn���t stop... then we see two people, nude, in some sort of freezer... they are either prisoners or held there for god knows what... Back at section, Ops is briefing everyone about Perez, and his gang and how he already has done this kind of thing before... Nikita wants to know what���s going to happen to Michael? Ops doesn���t answer and continues the briefing... she asks again and then Ops looks at her and tells her and everyone that if Michael is still alive, he is only a class 5 operative and in no way will Section jeopardize Section to get an operative out. Everyone leaves and he holds Nikita back... he tells her that he���s been leaniant so far, concerning her attitude and her way of asking a question but he won���t tolerate it anymore... Nikita just looks at him and bows her head and says that she is sorry... The man���s ego is sooooo big.... sheeshhh.... We then see Michael being interogated by Perez and his men... they ask him is name, Michael is looking pretty drugged up and some things are sticking into him... his eyes keep going back so much he���s drugged up... Perez asks again, ���what is your name��� and Michael answers : ���Michael, Michael Samuel���...So, we finally know his real name!!! Back at section, Birkhoff tells Ops that some woman who used to work with Perez has been picked up and his on her way to be interogated... We see Ops going over to Maddy���s office and he hears laughter... Maddy was with a younger operative, Burks and the look on Ops��� face is priceless (Jealousy)!!! Anyways, he asks if she���s busy she says no, and Burks leaves... She tells Ops that he���d just told her a funny joke... Ops doesn���t quite believe it but lets it go. He tells her about the woman. We then see Maddy in the torture room, with the chinese woman. She tells her that she doesn���t not have the means to support Section���s pain torture... so she either collaborates or endures pain... Ops is sitting at a computer going bonkers because the computer won���t give him what he wants - information on Burks!!! He shouts ���Birkhoff, come over here��� and Birkhoff comes over and wants to know what Ops is doing... ���I want access to employee files��� Birkhoff hits a key and voil���... Ops has Burks file on the screen... Birkhoff wants to know if he pulls out some other file... Ops says no, won���t be necessary... but he has a look that means no good.... Back with Michael and his kidnappers... he looks really out of it and one girl says that she can only garantuee for another 2 hours that he will be stable enough to give information after that, his memory could be affected for ever... He���s asked ���Who do you work for���, Michael answers : ���Section 1���, ���What were you doing at my club?��� Michael doesn���t have time to answer... his eyes start to roll back and we start to hear gun fire... Nikita and the mission has arrived to get Perez and Michael... after much shooting, Nikita finally arrives to where Michael is being held... She looks at him and starts pulling the needles out of his body... he���s looking straight at her but no emotions... she asks him ���Can you walk���, he answer���s back ���I think so���... she then hands him a gun and he just looks at it... he says ���I don���t remember you���, she tells him her name is Nikita and she���s here to get him out because these people want him dead. He just looks at her and he says ���Why do you keep callin! ! g me Michael?!��� He looks totally normal but not acting as Michael at all...���! She starts to dress him up, he still looks pretty phased out... we still hear shooting outside... she tells him he has to go because he���s an antiterrorist and at that Michael laughs a little nervous smile, and says ���I���m not that...!��� he���s almost about ready to cry!! ���I can���t remember who I am...��� She pulls him out and leads him out of the room and he almost gets shot but just has time to aim his gun and shoot back... He thinks he���s just shot a man for the first time... he���s in shock... Back at Section, Ops wants to know how the mission went and Birkhoff tells him that they have recovered Michael but Perez has escaped... Ops then tells Birkhoff ���Only call me when something relevant happens���... So, Michael is not relevant enough for him huh?... We then see Michael and Nikita arriving at Section... Ops is there to greet them both... he asks Michael how he���s doing... Michael turns around and faces Ops and he tells him that he���s OK... Nikita is affraid Ops will know about Michael���s behaviour but Ops is still talking to Michael, wanting to know about some thing... she answers for Michael looking at him all the while and telling Ops that before he goes to debriefing he should get to the infirmary... Yes, Michael says he needs to recuperate a bit... Ops lets it go at that but you know he knows something���s up... Michael is in bed, and he wakes up. Nikita is there with him... he still doesn���t remember who he is, who she is and what Section is... he wants to get the hell out of there, he wants to contact his family, they must be worried about him... Nikita looks at him, saddly and tells him that because he���s in Section, he doesn���t have a family anymore... Michael asks if he has friends at least, she tells him she doesn���t know because she doesn���t know him that well... Michael asks how long she���s known him and she tells him 3 years... He then asks her ���Why don���t you know me better?��� Nikita then tells him that she���s very fond of him... He���s says that he���s very happy to hear that... he then asks her about having killed someone before... she tells him about his life in Section... Michaels wants to get out of there and doesn���t care about being killed since Nikita told him that if Section finds out that he���s been ���compromised��� he���ll be killed anyways... Michael says ���I can feel who I am now...! ! I never want to be caged up again��� he���s almost in tears while saying this and Nikita can only look on... We then see Perez having a manicure and talking to someone on the phone about some kind of deal... Nikita is still with Michael but she���s taking a blood sample from him... he wants to know why? She tells him maybe he has some sort of chemical in his bloodstream and maybe that���s why his memory is affected... Michael then tells Nikita ���You���re a good friend... I can���t believe that I���ve never told you that before���... he then adds ���Have we ever danced?��� and he starts getting up as if to dance... Nikita tells him we better not... but he doesn���t listen... (good piece of music starts to play, moody, mellow and oh so appropriate) they start dancing and Michael starts kissing Nikita on the cheek...she tells him to stop ���Stop Michael, because this is not who you are...��� Then the phone rings, it���s for Michael... Ops wants him to come over for a mission briefing... Michael arrives at Ops��� office... Ops wants Michael to help him out on a mission profile... Birkhoff briefs them both on the risks and Michael has to decide... he looks totally confused and Ops asks again ���Michael?��� Michael asks Birkhoff ���What would you do?��� Birkhoff goes ���What do you mean?��� Ops gets closer to Michael who���s thinking real hard how to get out of that situation... then he asks Birkhoff to run a program to see the chances... Birkhoff ���A SIM program you mean?��� and Michael goes ���Yeah, a SIM...��� Birkhoff tells them both that the best way is to go in with the people on site... Michael says OK, 3% more chances so that���s how they���ll go... Ops looks satisfied but worried... While all this is happening Nikita went to see Walter and gave him the blood sample from Michael... but she didn���t want to tell him who���s blood... Walter tells her he needs to know to pull up a comparison sheet of sorts... when she tells him it���s Michael���s... Walter���s face changes... Nikita holds him ! ! by the arm but she knows he���ll not tell on her... We see Michael leave Ops��� office and he looks totally lost... doesn���t recognize anyone, anything familiar about Section... until Nikita shows up and picks him up by the arm to lead him to his office... they have to prepare the mission! All the way to his office, she has to keep him on track, he keeps taking the wrong corridor or turn... in his office, she pulls out his thingie that makes the room secure... ���We can talk now���... She asks him what did they say to him... Michaels looks at her and says ���I don���t know if I can keep this up...��� ���I want to get out of here, there must be a way���... ���I���ve got nothing to lose by going right now���... Nikita then tells him ���but I do have something to lose...��� and she���s looking straight at him... The intercom comes on and someone says that the mission is being loaded... Michael answers OK... Nikita tells him they���ll figure out something out... We see them walking towars the loading docks and the doors close behind them... A car drives up to some building, some sort of club of sorts.... Nikita is driving in disguise and Michael is in the back... also disguised... she has to tell him to put on some glasses... he goes out the car and tells him to contact her and only her at one point... he goes inside and one guy meets him wants to know if Michael would like a massage or a drink... Ops and Birkhoff are listening and Michael doesn���t know what to say!! Birkhoff tells him go to the library... so Michaels starts going to the Library but he needs to get rid of the guy accompanying him... Birkhoff has to tell him what to do all the way... while Ops is listening to everything... Michael arrives at the supposedly room where Perez is suppose to be held up... Michael comes to open the door and says ���It���s locked, what should I do?!���.... Birkhoff then says, ���Open it?!!��� (funniest line of the ep...!!!!). Michael unlocks the door and sees two or three guys are there and want to know what the heck he���s doing her! ! e... He tells them he was looking for the Library... but doesn���t move... the goons are getting nervous and start towards Michael while Ops is yelling to Birkhoff to tell Michael start shooting these guys!!! The goons draw their guns and start shooting, hitting Michael (I think) in the shoulder while he has the nerve to return fire... he then falls on the floor and loses consciousness... Meanwhile, Nikita is starting her way up towards Perez and Michael... She catches Perez and while other operatives are holding him she goes over to Michael���s side... At Section, Ops and Maddy are talking about how the mission went... they are listening in on the conversation with Michael throughout the mission... Ops tells Maddy that it���s almost as if Michael didn���t know what to do... had forgotten.. and Maddy tells him that it���s possible that while she was interrogating Perez, he told her about some drugs they had used that could have damaged Michael���s memory... We then see Walter walk over to Nikita and give a serum to give to Michael and it should help him but he���s not sure... he tells her that Maddy is suspecting something up with Michael... Nikita goes over to Michael���s room to give him the serum... she arrives and touches his face... he���s awake... she then tells him about the serum, how it should help him recover his memory... Michael looks at her and asks ���Is it going to help me?��� then the TUD - DOUBLE TUD line of this ep, heck of this season ���HAVE I EVER TOLD YOU THAT I LOVE YOU?��� Nikita doesn���t blink an eye and says ���ACTUALLY... N! ! O!��� then Michael says : ���I DO���...!!!!!! She looks at him, takes his hand and kisses it very gently... and leaves... Maddy and Ops are still talking about ���testing��� Michael after to see if he was really affected by that drug... Ops tells Maddy that Burks, whom he had chosen (out of jealousy) to lead a dangerous no coming back mission, has decided not to and because he feels that Burks could offer more to Section... He then asks Maddy if she���s happy she says, sure, Burks is a good Operative... Ops just looks at her and then asks her if she���d be free to have diner with him... she looks at him and says, ���No, not tonight���...! Hehehe, good for you Maddy!!! She then leaves him. Ops is walking up towards his office when he spots Maddy and Burks, coming along the corridor and talking and laughing... hmmm, he has a certain look... Back in the white room, Nikita is with Michael, he���s a little bit more awake... he starts to get his head up... and says ���I���ve been shot?!���... she tells him yes, in Germany... he looks at her and says ���Germany? But I was in Afganistan just 2 days ago?!��� Oh, then Nikita knows that he���s forgoten what has just been happening for the last 3 days... Michael then adds, ���I need to see Ops to debrief���... She tells him that he���s lost his memory for the last 3 days and she tells him that she���s been protecting him... He just looks at her and says ���Thank you...���Nikita looks at him, a little saddness in her eyes... and then she leaves the room... but Michael���s eyes... does he or doesn���t he remember all that he���s said to her? My feeling is that yes, he does remember but won���t show it to her... yet... but too late... she already knows is true feelings for her!!! Very good episode... Before this one, Half Life was #1, then followed by #2 Inside out but no, #1 is this one, then Half Life followed by Inside out!! Yes, my now fav ep is this one NOT WAS... This spoiler will be up on my page by tomorrow... Inside out I still have to do!! Anne-Micha Still feeling hyper after this ep!!! http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/1407

1998-06-04 00:00:00 - Re: Detailed Spoiler for "NOT WAS", are you happy now? - (vwb79@aol.com)

>Subject: Detailed Spoiler for "NOT WAS", are you happy now? Thanks Domino for posting the spoiler. I am truly melting and can't wait to see it for real. Jo Jo Sigh!!!