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2001-01-05 18:59:48-06:00 - Four Light Years Farther - (Shillelagh <shelagh@cat.howl>)

Finally saw this ep last night. If I had watched this, not knowing that 8 more eps were being shot, I think I would have been upset. The ending was extremely well done - when Michael cuts his eye and we see the blood tear on his face, I was breathless. However, I still need some help interpreting parts of this ep and Up The Rabbit Hole 1. If Nikita was promised freedom by Mr. Jones, why did she use Red Cell to remove her tracking device and seemingly leave Section? I'm assuming she came back to Section disguised as Quinn to spy on Maddy and Ops. 2. How were she and Michael discovered? In FLYF, the guy on comm says "it's almost like they wanted to be caught". It must have been Nikita who gave them away, but why? Why would she do that to Michael? Why did she ask him to run away with her if she intended to come back? Was she testing him? Bleh..... I'm peeved they killed Davenport off - he was SEXY. 3. When Ops and Mr. Jones are speaking about Birkoff/Jason, Ops makes it sound as if he engineered Birkoff's death. If so, why?? BTW, I hated Jason's phony accent. double bleh. Well, tonight I get a double dose of Nikita - Showcase is on at 10 pm Central, don't know which ep it will be, but at least now, I've seen them all. And, A-Channel will show the first ep, first season "Nikita" tonight right after Showcase. Just call me couch potato. Shelagh