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2001-09-02 19:46:20+02:00 - soundtrack - (tasiek <tasie@go2.pl>)

where can i download soundtrack from Nikita?

2001-09-03 06:41:53+00:00 - Re: soundtrack - (dskize@aol.com)

I just bought the CD from Amazon.com. And if it was a tape it would be in shreds by now from use. It doesn't have the in house music but you really don't need it. It only has the Indie music and Euro-pop but I have gained a love for those artists and now own their albums.

2001-09-08 18:57:31+00:00 - Re: soundtrack - (LilyRei <webmaster@SNIP.TO.REPLY.hotslayer.com>)

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:46:20 +0200, "tasiek" <tasie@go2.pl> wrote: >where can i download soundtrack from Nikita? > > Try Audiogalaxy. You have to download their software, but it's a zillion times better than Napster ever was, and oh yeah...IT'S STILL FREE. I bought the commercial soundtrack, but have downloaded every track from the series that I liked. Also, I've grown to really like quite a few of the artists (Everything But The Girl, Afro Celt Sound System, Mandalay and Morcheeba to name a few) and am now on the look out for their CDs. As far as the original music by Sean Callery goes, you've got to go through the back door to get his CD, but it was sold at the last LFN convention. LR ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Failure is not an option. It's bundled in your software.