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1999-04-26 00:00:00 - UTI cast review - (revans7877@aol.com)

( Ops turns off the tv looking pissed ) Operations: what did everyone think Micheal: that I got slapped again Nikita: Micheal you are such a selfish bastard Operations: they killed my son Birkoff: I wasn't in this one much so I can't complain Madaline: yes our petty problems aside lets attack the real problem there was a wrestler on our show Nikita: I know how revolting was that Micheal: tell me about it how low will these people sink Operations: What's next Pamala Anderson Nikita: that won't be to bad as long as they don't let her talk Birkoff: tell me about it Operations: the gall of some people not only do they kill my son brainwash Nikita slap Micheal diss Birkoff all in 45 minutes they have to throw a wrestler in the mix Madaline: speaking of that brainwashing thing what was the *&^#ing point Nikita: tell me about it damn if you knew I wouldn't be able to love the guy then why the *&^% didn't you get someone who could Micheal: tell me about it Nikita: who the hell was talking to you you have fallen back into I am section puppy watch me go mode Birkoff: tell me about it Micheal you have absolutely no spine Madaline: Ok quick question what about all that stuff in the white room Nikita: I don't know either but I was wondering why is it they always stop fighting just long enough to be strapped in Micheal: I've wondered that myself NIkita: did I say you could speak Micheal: no...but Nikita: then sit there and shutup your out of the club now (Micheal sits back and pouts) Madaline: Ok lets talk about something else now Nikita: that guy called you old Madaline:(grits her teeth) yeah I noticed let's talk about something else now Nikita: yeah but didn't that piss you off Madaline: ( has an eye twitch) no. Nikita: but- Operations: Ummm what about that apartment they out you and cuddlekins up in Nikita: tell me about what a piece of crap that was Micheal: not worse than where you stuck me Nikita: shutup Micheal Birkoff: I want to know what was with that Elvis look you had going Madaline the turned up collar the hair you had everything but the sneer and if you would have said hey bay-ba I would have been disturbed Operations: tell me about it sheesh Madaline but what about you being worried about me huh Birkoff Birkoff: I wasn't worried about you...it was Nikita: sure whatever Birkoff but what about me you people brainwashed me AGAIN it's happened so many times now I can't even muster up enough energy to be angry Madaline: tell me about it well at least you got to slap Micheal Nikita: YEAH! that was fun and it was about frickin time Micheal: why not who else is going to slap me I don't think Madaline or Birkoff have had a go yet. Niktia: that sounds like bitterness Micheal Micheal: well I'd like to see how happy you'd be if you suddenly became the section stress ball! Nikita: I have been for the last 3 *&^%ing years! Micheal: Oh. Well I'm not used to being treated like...like Nikita: me? Micheal: yeah this totally sucks! (Nikita rolls her eyes) Madaline: well ok whatever Micheal at least it wasn't me that got hit anyway moving on Nikita: what about when you asked is there anything you can do to help. ANd he said can you bring him back Ops you sounded like such a lost hopeful little boy and it was so cute ( Nikita gets up and gives him a hug) I felt so bad for you Micheal: excuse me but when my son got taken away all you did was say I *&^%ing deserved it! Nikita: that's because you did *&^hole now shutup I'm being comforting Madaline: besides your son isn't dead Micheal: oh sure double standard (Nikita and Madaline roll their eyes then go back to cooing over Ops) Nikita: wait a minute the end of this one with the Micheal and love all over my apartment..... Birkoff: yeah what of it Nikita: does that mean they brainwashed me to love Micheal to? Madaline: probably...your handling this amazingly well Nikita Nikita: (blank face) I'm used to it ....that or I'm supressing so that when I go postal I will kill everyone without remorse and as brutal as possible ( has this dreamy look on her face like she's seeing herself killing people in section) YES BURN YOU BASTARD BURN!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA WHO'S THE FOOL NOW HUH HUH! oh *ahem* ( snaps herself out of it and smiles at everyone) coffee anyone? (everyone looking disturbed) Madaline: umm no no thanks Nikita...say maybe you should take a little time off Nikita: ( smile strained eye twitching) why? you think something is wrong with my performance ( twitch gets worse) ALL (but Nikita) NO NO Operations: it's nothing like that you've been such a hard worker lately you've earned it and well uh- Micheal: what's he's trying to say is please don't hurt us. Nikita: ( still smiling and twitching) Ok time off.....I can use some time off.... (everyone breaths a sigh of relief) Nikita: (gets up still got that strained smile) right after I go and fix that stove in the kitchen.... excuse me..... (they all watch her go and when she is out of sight Madaline grabs her coat and makes a run for the door) Operations: Madaline wha- Madaline: look if Nikita says she's going to fix something I don't want to be in the building when it's 'fixed' get me ( Micheal and Ops exchange a look then grab Birkoff by the arm and make a run for the door) this ep was a strain for me many of you know why A>A>M "Why the hell should I care what you think when you don't give a damn what I say. Why the hell should I care how you feel when all you want is for me to -"