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2003-04-30 13:22:08-07:00 - My parody of "Imitation of Death" (Very light spoilers) - (Wickeddoll´┐Ż <wickeddoll1958nofeckingspam@yahoo.com>)

Just thought I'd post this for those of you who missed it back in the day. It went over very well at the time. You probably won't get the ending, if you haven't seen the episode yet, though. :-) **************************************************************************** * I have been thinking more about that lame-ass 'villain' in Imitation of Dung... uh... DEATH. You know, with very little imagination (and I admit, that's about how much I have), that ep could have been a Rocky and Bullwinkle thing, crossed with a little Underdog thrown in for good measure. Nikita = Polly Purebred Michael = Underdog or Rocky... whatever Madeline = Natasha Operations = Simon Bar Sinister Chernov = Boris Badenov Nikita: "Underdog! Save me and my EGGS! Oh, WOE is me"! Michael: "When Nikita's in trouble, I am not slow; it's bang bang bang and away I GO"! Chernov: "Muhahahaha; you cannot stop me! I vill control the vorld's poopulation, vhile speaking in the most irritatingly phoney Russian accent since the cold var"! (wrings his hands gleefully) Michael: (trying desperately to change facial expressions, and failing miserably) "Be gone, vile villain, I have a gun! 'Tis folly for me to spoil your fun"! Chernov: "Ah, but how vill you stop me? Vee've only just started this episode, so you have to bungle several easy opportunities to capture me, as the LFN script bible dictates". Michael: "I'm afraid he's right, I cannot now thwart him... we shall have to wait before moving toward him". Nikita: (batting her blue eyes) "But Michael, surely you can't let him do this"! Michael: "I've explained, Nikita, the time is too early; I'm off for now, and don't call me Shirley"! (OK, so I stole from 'Airplane!') Meanwhile, back at Section: Maddy: "The mission is going vell, but vee vill have to program that annoying rhyming bug out of Michael, dah-link". Operations: "I don't know if we should... it's kind of.. cute". Maddy: "Is there something you'd like to tell me, Paul? Come to think of it, your less-than-stellar performance in the tow-ver should have tipped me off". Operations: (pulling up his pants defensively) "NO! I told you...I was... distracted by that gawdawful Morticia gown you were wearing"! Maddy: "Vell, vee really should get back to monitoring the mission, don't you think"? Operations: "Yes"! (relieved at the change of subject) Returning to Badenov's - er - CHERNOV'S Chernov: "Are you ready, my dear"? Nikita: (spitting at the SOTW) "NEVER! Besides, you're too late... I've already been cloned by Section". Chernov: "That can't be! I vould haff been able to tell"! Nikita: "I doubt that... you didn't even detect the communications device I'm wearing"! Chernov: "If you are tell-ink the truth, then vere is this offspring"? Nikita: (smiling) "Look behind you". Chernov looks and sees a drab brunette whose personality is just as dull as her mousy hair. Chernov: (turning to the brunette) "And vot are you called, my pet"? Clone: "Angela Bennett" OK, so it sucks... but then, so did Imitation of Death. :-P Natalie, continuing to scrape this one off her shoe --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com). Version: 6.0.445 / Virus Database: 250 - Release Date: 1/21/2003