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1999-01-02 00:00:00 - Oh well she's never going to speak to me again anyway - (dudddette1@aol.com)

Hi all I'm Beth you don't know me, but you do know a friend of mine Amanda, well she's upset with me I'm sure you all heard read the story she posted here a few months back , well we made a second bet, thinking about the last time she should have thought twice I was pretty confident that I could shove an entire bananna well nevermind let's just say she did it I didn't and I had to post a story on a board only thing is she didn't specify what story (muhahahaha) and what board so I WROTE a special one just for her, I'm not sure if she told you about it or not but she's never been one to draw out her suffering, anyway since I'm such a good friend (snicker) I decided to let her read it before I posted it, and she added a few comments to it that I decided to let stay in when I posted here. ( In case you haven't guess I'm posting here because everyone in the LFN world that she likes is on this board and I want to make sure that she's imbaressed) so without anymore rubbing-inness here is part of it well the part that I can fit on here. Did I mention she's never going to speak to me again? Profiler from hell Or there has to be one he can't get Prologue (Scene: In Madaline's office everyone but Walter) � Amanda: oh goodie it's in parts that way when we shred it, it will go in an orderly fashion " You wanted to see me Madaline." Micheal stood in the doorway of his superior's office. � Birkoff :Well it's not so bad this far � Operations: Give it time � Birkoff :well thank you for that ray of hope " Yes Micheal come in have a seat." She smiled her usual errie smile. She wanted him to do something. � Amanda: or stand there like a idiot the choice is yours � Micheal: Excuse me? � Amanda: (moving away) nothing � Micheal: wise answer Nodding he did as he was told and waited for her to begin. " As you know we have a new profiler." � Nikita: Micheal following orders big surprise there � Micheal: Shutup Nikita Micheal tried to contain a surprised look, he wasn't aware of that, but he would play along till he knew what the job was." I am certain you remember the last one we had didn't quite reach section standards." <That was putting it lightly, the woman broke down in tears in the middle of section>. After Madaline had her tested. <Damnit she wants me to test the new profiler. > � Madaline: Micheal with a surprised look that's a classic � Operations: Oh and he's cursing us to. � Micheal: I think those are supposed to be my thoughts < You moron> " And you would like me to test this new profiler?" he finished for her. < Say no say no>He hated it when Madaline didn't get straight to the point that usually meant something was wrong. � Amanda: Well give that man a cookie � Micheal: Amanda do yourself a favor and shutup � Amanda: Or what? � Micheal: I will be forced to hurt you � Amanda: good reason I think I'll be quiet now " Yes." She said simply, and pushed a picture across her desk to him. " This is her Amanda Merrick. 20 years old no family, no friends, recruited seven years ago as a field op. The first juvenile sentenced to death. She has been transferred three times." � Amanda: Well looks like I'm unwanted. � Micheal: Can't imagine why � Amanda: Stick your finger up your ass and twist Micheal � Micheal: Amanda what did I tell you about the insults � Amanda: Oh yeah sorry. " Three? Why hasn't she been cancelled?" he asked � Nikita: Yeah why isn't she cancelled? I get threatened if I sneeze wrong � Madaline: I guess we like her more than you. � Nikita: I thought there was no favoritism in Section � Operations: No way why do you think Micheal gets away with all kinds of crap " There is no trouble with her work, it's flawless as a matter of fact all transfers are on her request." Madaline finished her brow furrowing in thought. � Madaline: Flawless is always a good reason to not get cancelled � Nikita: Oh refuse to kill one innocent person, and your marked for life " Why is she being tested? Micheal asked as he looked at the picture finally � Amanda: Oh great and there sending the Section ho after me. < Micheal sends her a blank stare> Oops no offense. . <She looks like a child medium length brownish red hair dark brown eyes that tilted at the corners bronze colored skin. > � Amanda: Hey I resent that I don't look like a child do I � Madaline: Yes. " It's standard psychological testing." � Operations: Do we do standard psychological testing Madaline? � Madaline: That's not even worth an answer " Since when was it standard?" " Since the last profiler." Madaline said before turning to her computer. His cue to leave. Standing Micheal walked towards the door. � Micheal: Yes someone having a nervous breakdown would cause a reaction " Micheal." Madaline drew his attention back to her. " Do what you have to do, she's a cold one I hear." Micheal nodded and walked from the office. < A challenge this should be interesting. > Madaline waited until he was well out of earshot before she brought Operations up on the screen. " It's done." She smiled. � All: No it shouldn't! " Good, if Micheal succeeds in humbling her do you think she will become a danger." The screen asked. � Nikita: Hmmmm let me think Micheal goes after this girl and crushes her will to live love and prosper, I wonder what she would do. � Amanda: Apparently take it like you do. � Nikita: Yeah- Hey! " No, I don't think so her report suggests that she's stable." Madaline replied," if Micheal could humble her. I have my doubts." Madaline finished. � Amanda: wohoo! I have backbone " Why is that." The voice tensed a bit before returning to normal. " Micheal is the best, if he can't then it can't be done." � Birkoff: Getting a little worried there ops? � Operations: Looks like it doesn't it " Well this may be the case where it can't be done. She has no family, no friends, and she's not afraid of pain or cancellation. We have nothing that she wants. Nothing that gives us the upper hand on her." Madaline leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs; < perhaps that was why she kept requesting transfers, so that we couldn't use anyone against her. > Shaking her head Madaline returned her attention to the man on the screen. " We will see how she handles herself, and if she lives up to her peer given nickname." Madaline smiled when she remember the slip up Jonathan had done when he had requested for her to be sent here. " Nickname?" Operations asked. � Operations: You have a nickname? � Amanda: Not that I know of " Yes, Bitch Junior." Madaline answered, before she turned off her screen she heard Operations make a sound that was suspiciously like a laugh. Grinning to herself Madaline looked down at the picture of the girl in front of her � Amanda: Hey! � Micheal: I thought it was rather fitting. � Amanda: Stuff it Micheal. . Reaching into the manila envelope she took out all the other pictures of the girl, all her co-ops had sent these. Now that she was alone Madaline shifted through the pictures, from all the smiling faces and hugging they looked like pictures of regular young people if not for a few where they were dressed in mission gear and pretending to shoot each other. Madaline's smile broadened as she looked at the picture with the girl and the Stuffy Section 3 second Jonathan sticking straws in his ears. This one was going up on the leader board. With a sigh she put the pictures back into the envelope. <This Amanda was an odd one, rebellious and trouble making, yet obviously liked by all her co-ops. >" This will be a challenge." Madaline whispered aloud to her plants. � Madaline: Well it looks like your just Ms Popular. � Amanda: Yeah but your talking to little trees so how much room for name calling do you have. � Madaline: Point taken PART 1 " What the hell is this?" The dark skinned girl yelled at Birkoff. � Birkoff: That's what we would all like to know " It's a mission profile, you being a profiler I had hoped you would know that." He replied sarcastically. The girl smiled and pushed her glasses up on her nose with her middle finger. � Nikita: Ooh and a cheap shot from the Birkman � Birkoff: Score one for me. " No this is not a mission profile, this-" she said gesturing to the computer screen that he had set up in front of her. " Is murder. There is only one way out if the mission has to be terminated, the time you give them to acquire the target is laughable at best, and do you really expect a group of bloodthirsty terrorist to run to the aid of a woman having a seizure? I think not." Rolling her eyes Amanda turned to the screen. " Now get me the perimeters, schedules what nots and woohoo's" she mumbled as she she began to redo the joke calling itself a mission profile. � Birkoff: and score three for you that was low Amanda � Amanda: yeah but you gotta admit it was good. � Birkoff: Good and painful " Bitch." Birkoff mumbled as he went off to do her bidding � Amanda: Your mama � Birkoff: Hey I didn't say it. � Amanda: Oh sorry got caught up in the moment. , he wasn't a profiler, but he had been filling in till a new one arrived. Up to that point he thought he was doing a fairly decent job. Birkoff sighed and sat at his comp, a moment later he brought up the profile and was about to call her over, only to remember he didn't know her name. " Profiler." He spun the chair around to look at her. He waited till she looked at him to stand up and bow. " Your information awaits." He said sarcasm oozing from his voice. With a dirty look she stood up and brushed past him to get the information. � Nikita: Ohh Birkoff your oozing sarcasm now and here I was thinking it was just puss � Birkoff: you're a big bag of funny over there sheman " Thank you, it's good to see that your not completely useless." She smiled sweetly at him before turning to the screen. � Birkoff: Ummmm Ouch does anybody back me up on that statement. � Madaline: Here here � Micheal: Yeah I'd say that hurt Flustered Birkoff left the computer station, he needed to get away from that girl before she got him angry. Amanda noted his departure out of the corner of her eye smiling to herself; <she could bring some life to this place yet. > Suppressing a chuckle as he flounced from the main room, she turned her full attention to saving the lives of the operatives on this mission. � Nikita: You are just bringing the pain. � Madaline: No she's not that's my job. � Operations: And your very good at it � Amanda: Kiss up PART 2 " Is that her?" Micheal stood beside Operations in the tower, looking down at everyone working below. � Amanda: No it's the tooth fairy you are just a bright one in this story Mikey. � Micheal: I've noticed " Yes. Have you begun the testing yet?" Operations asked a bit more clip than usual. He had had his first run in with the intolerable girl over the five missions that she revised because they weren't up to her safety standards, needless to say he lost, and he really was not happy about it. � Nikita: You won an argument with Ops cool I'm liking you already! " No, I haven't had a chance I'm leaving for a mission in a few minutes and I needed to prepare for that." Micheal watched the expressions cross operations face as he spoke. < What was wrong here he looks mad, should I even ask? Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned mission. > � Birkoff: Man Micheal you are just stickin it with the obvious questions � Micheal: Obviously I'm the village idiot in this story. � Nikita: Not just in this story either. � Micheal: What's that supposed to mean ( Nikita shares a look with Madaline) " Very well." Operations frowned, he wanted the testing underway, <the sooner she fails the sooner she could be cancelled. > " That's all" Raising an eyebrow Micheal left the tower. � Amanda: Hey you lose one argument and your ready to kill me what's up with that? � Operations: I'm a sore loser I guess � Nikita: And here I was thinking you were just a loser. Oops did I say that out loud damnit. � Madaline: Blondes < He has it in for that girl I wonder why> he thought as he jogged down toward the mission prep area. � Nikita: I'll give you two guesses, man Micheal you are in serious need of a brain transplant � Birkoff: Or a clue � Micheal : Nikita your not even in the damn story yet so shutup Birkoff remember your life is in my hands. � Nikita: Somebody's grouchy PART 3 " Where is the profiler!" Micheal's tone was low and arctic. < I'm going to kill her> As he made his way into the main hall people were parting like the red sea for Moses as he came through. Before he could reach the 'floor' Operations stopped him in the tunnel. � Birkoff: Well your not only grouchy your homicidal as well � Micheal: I wonder what she did " What happened." It was a demand not a question. � Niktia: Duh when does Ops ever ask anything? " We were detected." He said flatly concentrating on what he was going to do to the profiler when he found her. � Birkoff: Oooook so why are you mad at the profiler? � Micheal: I have no idea. " What do you mean detected? Did you complete the mission?" Operations asked coolly. < Well the girl messed up already> � Birkoff: Gee I wonder what he could mean � Micheal: You are not the brightest star in the sky here Ops � Operations: look whose talking village idiot � Micheal: You don't have to get personal " Summer's and her men were waiting for us." Micheal mumbled. < Complete the mission we were lucky to get out alive. > Finally reaching the floor, he saw the girl sitting at one of the computers in the comp circle. � Nikita: Don't you just hate that " Merrick." Operations called, gloating in his voice. � Amanda: Gee Ops your gloating already huh " Yes that would be me, what." She said looking up from the computer a bored expression on her face. � Madaline: Such wonderful manners Amanda really � Amanda: Thank you I try " Micheal." Operations gestured to the man beside him to begin. " We were ambushed, detected actually, we were set up, there was no way out of the building except for the entrance which was a good thirty feet we were sitting ducks, from the beginning, how could you possibly think that was enough time to-" � Amanda: Wah ya big baby " Whoa there turbo, before either of you get going, and you sir might as well wipe that smug look off your face right now." She said to Operations, a bit taken aback Operations stopped smiling. � Amanda: Wow I'm a ballzy thing aren't I � Nikita: Big hairy ones � Operations: Amen to that � Amanda: And thank you for that imagery Nikita " First and foremost I don't give a damn, second in my profile I gave you four possible emergency exits all near the mission target, and the entrance was not the rally point anyway, and on top of all that I gave you five minutes to acquire the target and get the hell out! Plus an additional sixty second window for emergency pick-ups if you couldn't do a two and a half minute mission in six minutes that is hardly my fault. And I will not take responsibility for your fuck up." With that said Amanda pushed her glasses up on her nose. The entire floor was silent; noone spoke to Operations or Micheal like that. If you did you didn't live long. � Nikita: Yeah someone saying something like that to Ops would silence a crowd. � Amanda: As well as get you cancelled but who cares about that minor detail " Ms. Merrick, I believe you need to adjust your tone when speaking to your superiors." " Sir I think you need to adjust your attitude when someone proves you wrong." She shot back; < Man his neck is turning red that can't be good. > She thought as she watched her superior clench and unclench his hands. The man he called Micheal stepped forward to glower at her. � Nikita: Hey I liked that, I think I'll use that one. " Micheal where is the rest of the team." Operations asked < This girl has a death wish, well now I see why they call her bitch junior> � All: So do we! "They are debriefing." Micheal said still glowering at the girl in front of him, < I think I may actually enjoy testing this one. > He allowed his irration with her to show itself on his face, before he turned his full attention to Operations. � Amanda: Micheal glowering that's something I'd pay to see. (Micheal turns and glowers at Amanda, she hands him a twenty.) � Micheal: Now I have a side job great " Were there any-" " Just Giles she was shot in the leg, Rosenberg got her out." Micheal knew the question. Always the same when a mission failed. � Amanda: Are any of these names sounding familiar to you? � Madaline: Yes but I'm not sure why. " Well if Amy had stayed in position she would not have been shot, or even seen for that matter." Amanda interjected sharply. " It seems that she has a problem with enclosed spaces, and spider webs." Looking up from the computer, she glared at the men before her. " I would never have set her to cover you if I had known she was claustrophobic. � Madaline: I would never have let her live if I had known she was claustrophobic, this author is now insulting my ability to do my job. � Amanda: She's been insulting all of us from the get go and it took you five chapters before you got insulted. I wouldn't have even sent her on a mission in a warehouse if I had known that, what idiot did this line up?" she asked pressing a few keys on the laptop she began to read aloud." Williams weakness unfamiliar dark places, Chase chronic bronchitis, O' Mally weakness spiders, Rosenberg weakness frogs?! The only one vaguely equipped for this mission besides wonderboy there." She gestured to Micheal < No weaknesses frequent nightmares ok something wrong with this guy. >" Is Rosenberg." Sighing she logged out of the mission line-ups. � Micheal: Wonderboy? What kind of name is wonderboy. � Amanda: The kind were going to call you for the rest of the fic. " We believe here that everyone should face their fears, and we do our best to -" � Operations: We do? � Nikita: And here I was thinking it was do what your told or die. " Get your Operatives killed? Because that's what would have happened if Rosenberg hadn't taken her out." Amanda smirked up at the men in front of her. < They had no idea what it felt like. > " I'm all for facing your fears but you may want to try exposing them to them in the safety of section instead of the sink or swim routine it's not just their individual lives at stake, it's the team, As well as the mission. Now gentlemen If you don't mind I have work to do." She looked them both in the eye firmly before turning back to the mission she was revising. � Birkoff: You are just on a roll with the insults aren't you � Amanda: I guess so damn She heard Operations let out a growl before turning and storming off. < Twice in one day oh well. > It took her a moment to realize that the other was still standing in front of her, schooling her features into a practiced look of bored indifference, she raised her eyes to him. " Is there a problem?" she asked, allowing herself to examine the green eyes before her. < Not bad, not great, but not bad> Smiling Micheal looked down at her. � Amanda: Ok I would just like to state for the record any and all compliments given to Micheal by me are completely and totally ewww. � Micheal: thank you Amanda for that self-esteem booster. � Nikita: sorry wonderboy we both like your eyes don't we � Amanda: Yeah sure they're great " No I -I just wanted to apologize I was rather upset and am usually much nicer than-" Micheal continued his customary pick-up line tirade < I wonder if she's buying this. > � Amanda: If there is a god the answer is no "Look Micheal save the bullshit for your garden or for someone else stupid enough to play your game." She smiled. " I'm a busy woman." Micheal nodded. < That answers that question, I see the usual approach won't work for her. > � Amanda: Yes! � Madaline: that garden thing was good I'll have to save that one " Have dinner with me." Micheal offered her his best smile." It's the least I can do to make it up to you for this situation." Sighing she took off her glasses and folded her hands in front of her on the desktop. � Amanda: Id rather sit on a seat full of thumbtacks � Micheal: That can be arranged � Amanda: Madaline keep that freak away from me. � Madaline: Micheal stop threatening people "Now I'm going to explain this slowly so pay attention ok? I am a very busy person I have three mission that I need to revise, and a new one to formulate, all before five o'clock besides the fact that I hardly know you and I already don't trust or like you so leave me alone." With that she turned back to her work. Giving up for the moment Micheal left in search of Madaline. < She's a tough one. Damnit I see she's not going to make this easy I like a challenge, but geez. > Back at the desk Birkoff had listened to the entire exchange. � Micheal: that was rather cold � Amanda: This coming from the walking ice cube. " Five o'clock?" he asked unsure. " None of those missions are up till tomorrow." Not bothering to look up from her work she answered. � Birkoff: yeah mission go anytime " I have an important appointment at five thirty." � Nikita: ohhh an appointment � Amanda: Can it Nikki " Oh really?" Birkoff leaned forward. " Admirer already you've only been here for a day." Smiling she looked up at him. " Yeah if you call my pedicurist an admirer." Birkoff couldn't resist he started laughing a sound that drew the attention of everyone in the room, sobering quickly he returned to his hacking. <Pedicurist> � Amanda: Yeah baby! � Micheal: You'd rather get your feet done than have dinner with me � Amanda: I would rather have a root canal then have dinner with you � Micheal: Just remember that can be arranged. PART 4 " Thanks Anthony I hope you and Peppy make up." Amanda kissed her new pedicurist on both cheeks. < Valen 's right again the guy was a miracle worker> she thought wiggling her toes. < Ahhh the few luxuries I allow myself. > � Madaline: Ok so you rushed through missions to save the world from terrorist to meet a pedicurist. � Amanda: Yeah what's wrong with that, I gotta have priorities. " Girl anytime, any friend of Valleypoo's is friend of mine." Anthony slapped her arm playfully. " Besides those feet are so pampered there was nothing to do with them, but rub in some moisturizer. Ohhhh and speaking of moisturizer take a look at that juicy little tidbit coming over here." Amanda laughed then turned to look at the tenderoni Anthony was talking about, the smile quickly died from her face when her eyes landed on Micheal striding towards them. � Micheal: I'm a Tenderoni? What the hell is a tenderoni? � Amanda: Just keep reading don't even go there. " Mmm that's something I wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into." Amanda rolled her eyes. < I'd like to sink something into him to and it's not my teeth. > � Micheal: So what would you like to sink into me. � Nikita: A bullet � Amanda: A knife � Madaline: an electrode � Micheal: Ok point taken � Madaline: Just trying to help " Listen Anthony I gotta go same time next week?" She asked patting him on his shoulder. " Of course boo, see you then kiss kiss." With that Anthony went back into the shop. Sighing Amanda walked the three steps to her car and unlocked the door. � Nikita: (turns to Amanda) Kiss kiss � Amanda: Chow babe � Micheal: And the point of that was? � Amanda: to annoy you did it work? � Micheal: Yes. " Amanda." Micheal laid his hand on the small of her back man she hated it when men did that. � Amanda: now that's true I do hate that. " Micheal." She said through her teeth. � Micheal: that doesn't sound like happiness to see me. � Amanda: Come on when am I happy to see you. Oh yeah I'm on her computer anyway the final insult hehehehehehe

1999-01-02 00:00:00 - Re: Oh well she's never going to speak to me again anyway - (Suzita <sugeo@att.net>)

ROTFLMAO!!!!! Thanks for that. I can not wait to interrogate Amanda about this one in chat tonight!!!!!! Amanda, you know I love you! Suzita (thinking this was pretty darn brilliant!)

1999-01-02 00:00:00 - Re: Oh well she's never going to speak to me again anyway - (Colin Whipple <colincpaNSPM@pacbell.net>)

Outstanding! Really excellent! Colin Dudddette1 wrote: > > Hi all I'm Beth you don't know me, but you do know a friend of mine Amanda,

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ummm, ok

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>� Operations: I'm a sore loser I guess >� Nikita: And here I was thinking you were just a loser. Oops did I say that >out loud damnit. >� Madaline: Blondes ROTFLMAO! I have one question: Were we sober when we wrote this? *vbg* Either way, it's a hoot! Cathy The unofficial Alberta Watson Home Page http://www.albertawatson.com The Ops' Recruits Home Page http://members.aol.com/CATKNSN/opsrecruits.html Queen of the Twisted Hopeless Romantics AA #12, HH #16, WW #51

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LOL, after reading this, I understand why the two of you are friends. G > Birds of a feather :-D "Michael, do you need a live-in nanny?"

1999-01-03 00:00:00 - Re: Oh well she's never going to speak to me again anyway - (silvrsharp@aol.com)

Oh I LIKED this! sharp