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1999-02-20 00:00:00 - Spoilers Kinda 2 - (revans7877@aol.com)

The second part SES Operations: Well now that we have seen this ep what does everyone think? Nikita: I think it's a load of- Operations: ANYONE but Nikita. Madaline: I think the ep was very....... different Micheal: I think it's a conspericey to destroy my fanbase that's what it is. Nikita: Not that it would be hard or anything just making those damn romantics see the real you.....the dirty lowly *beep* that you are you son of *beep* Madaline: I think Nikita something else beside this ep is bothering you Nikita: Oh you shut the *beep* up to all of you shut the *beep* up I am tired of being lied to I am tired of being made a joke of I am tired of being in section and I am tired of living that *beepin beepy* apartment. Micheal: Well right now you're just proving the neccesity of lieing to you is very real Nikita: If I wanted your *beepin* opinion Micheal I would *beepin* beat it out of you! ( Micheal has the intellegence to shutup and look down at this point) Madaline: Well if this display of emotion is over... Operations: I personally liked the ep Birkoff: I thought it was frickin useless nothing happened in it Micheal: Except to tear down my reputation a bit more..... that scene in the park why don't they just shoot me Madaline: Better yet shoot her how could that woman live with Micheal for that long and not know something was up. Nikita: The same *beepin* way you can work with someone everyday and not *beepin* know what the *beep* they do think or how they even *beepin* live. Micheal: I think- Nikita: yeah maybe you should do that a bit more often instead of letting section do it for you you *beep* I can't believe you you are such a *beep* Operations: I would intervene on Micheal's behalf at this point if Madaline hadn't informed me that we are out of Midol. Micheal: Great. Nikita: Can I leave now? Operations: I don't see why not we'll do....whatever is next tommorrow (NIkita gets up and storms out) Micheal: I don't think we'll be able to cover this one with another lie. Madaline: Oh we'll just get her a new pair of sunglasses she'll be fine....... A>A>M " Oh I need the darkness the sweetness the sadness the weakness oh I need this I need a lullby a kiss goodnight angel sweet love of my life."