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2001-07-24 14:47:23-04:00 - Canadian episode provider - (Matthew Harms <matthew@edaforce.com>)

Hello all, If you're a Canadian and you want to get nikita episodes and not have to pay the exchange rate to the States I may be your man!! I have all of the first four seasons and half of the fifth season (should be done by end of August) in order, commercial free, and at a decent quality. If this is interesting to you check out my little web page for more information at <A HREF="http://ordernikita.tripod.com">ordernikita.tripod.com</A> and drop me a line to order. Cheers, Matthew

2001-07-24 15:11:25-04:00 - Re: Canadian episode provider - (Matthew Harms <matthew@edaforce.com>)

I guess you all know now what a novice I am at the newsgroups, give this link a try and you should be able to get there http://ordernikita.tripod.com. Thanks, Matthew