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2000-01-07 00:00:00 - OT: Drug Company perks for Doctors - (Wickeddoll <Wickeddoll@nofeckingspam.com>)

As most of you know, I'm a nurse who works for Family Practice doctors. One of our doctors is particularly disgusted with how drug company representatives are always giving doctors all sorts of little (and sometimes big) gifts to smooth them over. He tells them that their company should stop spending money on things doctors don't want or need, and lower the price of the medication instead. (I agree with him on that). Well, then the (you know what popular) drug rep dropped by with a unique gift... An "Erectile Dysfunction Screening Test". The doctor was about to pass on that one as well, but, he was intrigued with the question of how you could screen for that in the office. He accepted the 'screening test'. It was a box the size of a VCR, with the company logo all over it. It sat on his desk for a while, then the curiosity overcame him... He opened it... And inside there was... a HAMMER! If the patient can have 'perform' after being struck with this, they do not need that wonder drug. Do you think we'll get fewer requests for that drug, once word gets out of the 'screening'? ROFLMAO! I had to share that one. Natalie, still chuckling and refusing to mention the name of that overhyped drug -- http://members.xoom.com/MelodyA/lfn.htm "Wicked little doll, you are not human" "Wicked little doll, you have no soul" (David Byrne, 1997)