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2000-07-16 00:00:00 - 7/15 episode - (Mark <mlong@tidalwave.net>)

I cannot believe this episdoe. I'm still in shock. Mark

2000-07-17 00:00:00 - Re: 7/15 episode(spoilers) - (Jennifer Stevenson <Jennifer22@prodigy.net>)

Mark, I am also in shock. I could not believe it!!! I kept waiting for him to be alive during the last couple minutes of the episode. After all, Section does have some of the most advanced medical equipment in the world. I just thought they could save him. Of course, not for any sentimental reasons. I could easily envision Ops yelling about all the money and time invested in cultivating him. In Section, that would be a good enough reason for recusitation. As for poor Nikita, she looked so upset. I don't blame her. Birkoff was always nice to her and they had a nice big sister-little brother relationship going. Obviously Birkoff would have desired more but he realized that Nikita didn't think of him that way. I hope we don't see other favorite characters getting bumped off. I want a more positive ending to the series than that. Jen -- **Upon dying, no one ever said they **wished they had spent more time in **the office. Remember to live before **you work. "Mark" <mlong@tidalwave.net> wrote in message news:397278de@newsprime.tidalwave.net... > I cannot believe this episdoe. I'm still in shock. > > Mark > >

2000-07-17 00:00:00 - Re: 7/15 episode(spoilers) - (monica <popcorn9NOpoSPAM@visto.com.invalid>)

i lurk in the shadows usually, but this time i am coming out. you know when you have that much power surging through your body there are substantial burns that go with it, i noticed that after he died, there was a burn on his neck and continuing down, unless he has a wicked rash. once that happens, i wonder if the heart is fried as well, especially since he reacted impulsively. remember when he first created the ai he did not give it any emotions and it told him that that was a mistake. all those operatives dying must have pained him personally a great deal and guilt may be why he impulsively created a final scenario that would work before everyone died and the ai lived. we did not see a funeral, so, don't count him out yet. isn't it row8 gate something. anyway this is my take on it. and by the way i had a good cry at the end of this one, not many tv shows pull at my heartstrings like that. i felt like someone died that was close to me. to me that means that the show means a lot to me, too bad it is cancelled. monica ----------------------------------------------------------- Got questions? Get answers over the phone at Keen.com. Up to 100 minutes free! http://www.keen.com

2000-07-23 00:00:00 - Re: 7/15 episode - (brustrom@aol.com)

i just sat and stared at the tv for a good two minutes after it happened. i couldn't believe it.