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1998-07-29 00:00:00 - Re: In Defense of Season 2 - (dentav@aol.com)

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT encapsulating of Season 1 and Season 2 Lady A!!!! Great post... Why would anyone flame you over this post? Its what we've seen happen for two season's now, IMHO. Yes there are some points that I think I preferred over what others did and vice versa but I think your summary is quite on the mark. I think its the perfect balance between the hopeless/ful romantic and the skeptic/cynic that've we've come to all know and love. Why? because its the bare bones story about what has transpired over two years. I am deeply sorry to hear that viewers won't give season 3 a chance based soley on season one. That is like putting together a few pieces of a puzzle and then chucking it out the window because you are sure it won't fit together correctly and you won't like it when its finished so why bother. I can say that without a DOUBT I would have had a hard time stomaching the Nikita from last season over another season or two. No ONE should have to be in such a power inbalanced situation and still be anticipating happily ever after. I praise the writers for recognizing that Nikita of last year would be inconsistent with who the real character of Nikita is. That is courageous, determined, intelligent and strong and then have her be a quivering deer in headlights when she dealt with a guy who she was attracted too. Inconsistent and not believable. So I agree with you that the steps of season 2 were necessary for both Michael and Nikita's growth. If Nikita was indeed different than 'all the others' Michael has bedded or strung along then he needed to find a different way of approaching her. He needed to face his own fears and demons and overcome them to open up and accept this woman and all she can offer. Or he could lose her.... Nikita could have stayed the under my thumb Michael gal o' the month but she was different. Because she was innocent, compassionate, strong, determined, honest and open? Perhaps. Maybe Michael saw in Nikita elements of his former self, or his parents or maybe someone he'd like be with if the situation were different. Nikita gained Michael's attention not because she played the game like all the others he'd knew but because she was DIFFERENT. And her continuing to grow and change and actually act on her strengths rather than succumb to her weaknesses and let Michael run her over. Like it seems so many of his other women did or at least the ones smitten with him and forfeiting themselves to be with him. I'm glad that people are starting to see the bigger picture in all of this. The ARC, Nikita's growth, Michael's reluctance and eventual acceptance of her growth, the riff between them, etc are all part of the tranformation that will lead them to a deeper and more substantive understanding of themselves and EACH OTHER! JMHO Denise

1998-07-29 00:00:00 - In Defense of Season 2 - (ladyaeval@aol.com)

I recently sent out an e-mail asking who you would like to see as SOTW for Season 3. I have gotten quite a few replies stating that since they did not like what TPTB was doing in Season 2 that they doubted that they would watch Season 3. Now I will admit that there was some eps that I was not too thrilled with, but I understand why they have to be (or at least I think I do). In Season 1, we were introduced to the characters. We saw a young, naive, independent young woman wrongly accused, tried and convicted of a crime she didn't commit thrown into a world more hellish than the one she was in on the streets. She's trained to be a killer who has never killed . She is attracted to a man who she sees as the "enemy." Somewhere along the line the attraction grows into something more - not saying love, but more than an attraction. We get to somewhat know Michael, Nikita's mentor. Michael is attracted to Nikita and like her the attraction becomes something more . The difference is that Michael is (a) older than Nikita (IMHO Nikita is not more than 25 yrs old. I place her at being between 19-21) and (b) just lost his wife at least 6 months before Nikita is inducted into Section. Although a dysfunctional being (suppressing emotions, etc), he is capable of loving someone. We get a little information on Operations and Madeline - he was a POW in Vietnam and has a son named Stephen; she holds herself responsible for her sister's death. The only information on Birkoff that we got is that Nikita saw his file and knew that he didn't kill anyone like he said he had. We found out absolutely nothing personal about Walter. I suspect that Walter knows where a lot of Section skeletons are buried. Before going onto Season 2, let me give you my definition of what Section One is (a more detailed definition can be found on Helix's Inferno ) . Section One is a covert organization that expects its operatives to do whatever it takes to complete the mission - even if it means giving their life. Having said that......... In Season 2 we find out that Nikita's freedom is not what she expected it to be. She was constantly looking over her shoulder either for Section or for terrorists who may have been hunting her. She felt isolated from people she saw as family (Birkoff, Walter) and from a man who she was beginning to have strong feelings for (not yet at the love stage). She's captured by a terrorist group and finds out that they intend to ambush Section during a mission. She escapes and who does she see through the fire - Michael. She kills two men to protect him and then disappears. We see Michael's performance not being up to his usual standards and see that his guilt is getting the better of him (IMHO that is what all the flashbacks were about during the opening scene of Hard Landing). He's been taken off of team leader status because of his recklessness. In Lyons, he hears two shots, turns and sees Nikita. After finding out where she is, he goes to her. Now these two people have gone through a lot emotionally in the last six months: Nikita has escaped death with Michael's help (and she knows that it was him) and has been isolated and unable to really be close to anyone else. Michael is unsure that Nikita did escape, blames himself, is accepting the blame of others, most notably Walter, and has shut down. What happened that night on the boat was a direct result of this. IMHO if the writers just had Michael come in and say "Hello Nikita, its time to come back" it would have made no sense. They are passionate people - Michael just hides his emotions well. Not only to mention that there is definitely something between them (even Maddy made mention of this to Ops). Michael brings Nikita back into Section through some very clever maneuverings. And what happens? She is put back into isolation - Section style. Michael is not even allowed to see her. When she is finally allowed out of isolation Michael is trying to explain to her the need for caution. However, Nikita is feeling the full effects of falling in love/lust for the first time (at this point I think she's in love with love - not to say that the feelings that she has for Michael are not real). The ARC - IMHO the purpose of the ARC was to allow Nikita to come out from under Michael's Svengali-like influence (Michael has always had the upper hand in the relationship) and forces her to make her own way. Not that invalidates what had happen between them previously, it just allows her to exam it more closely and without the dreamy-eyes that she had been looking through. After the death of Jurgen and Nikita's vacation, we see a new Nikita - not quite sure of herself and her place in Section, but determined to do things her way. By now, Nikita has accepted the fact that she is stuck in Section. What I believe we are seeing from New Regime on is Nikita trying to find an acceptable mode in which to survive in Section and sometimes what she does is not a good idea (Like accepting the promotion from Petrossian, but she did have a point - if she didn't take it he would find someone else. The someone else may have been even more ruthless than Petrossian himself. ) What we are also seeing is Nikita sorting out her feelings for Michael. She cares deeply for him, but why? Is it love or just a deep respect for him as a colleague. She now has some understanding, although she may not agree with it, why Michael does the things he does. She no longer whines when things don't go the way she thinks it should or throws fits when Michael does something that she doesn't like. She states what she thinks and leaves it go. She still tries to protect the innocent (Greg Hillinger) while trying to complete the mission at hand. She refuses to let go of her ethics (which is not a bad or unrealistic thing even in Section). As for Michael - some of the wall that he has built around him is slowly being chipped away. Like Nikita, he is re-evaluating what he feels for her and where this is going to lead them. He knows what Maddy and Ops are capable of and rightfully fears for Nikita (experience is a hard teacher). While in his head he knows that at some point he has to let go and let her make her own mistakes, he doesn't want her to feel the pain that he went through that made him build his walls in the first place. He wants and needs her compassion. I've said this before - Michael and Nikita are like two sides of a coin. They need each other to survive emotionally. Michael brings the strength of his conviction (and I do believe he is a man of strong convictions) and Nikita brings the strength of her compassion. They balance each other out. Now have said all of this you maybe thinking what's my point? The point is that in order for the characters to evolve they will be going through a lot of different scenarios - some of them not pleasant. As in real life, the characters in Section are growing, sometimes painfully - sometimes pleasantly. For Nikita to remain Michael's material would not only stagnate the show, but make the character uninteresting. By leveling the playing field somewhat, the writers have given themselves a wider range of subjects to touch on. Okay - I'm ready for the tomatoes and flames (its nice of Section to lend me this fire retardant wet suit and welder's mask). :-) Lady Aeval of Helix ICQ 13904380

1998-07-29 00:00:00 - Re: In Defense of Season 2 - (Suzita <SUGEO@worldnet.att.net>)

LadyAeval wrote in message <1998072906164500.CAA10175@ladder03.news.aol.com>... >I recently sent out an e-mail asking who you would like to see as SOTW for >Season 3. I have gotten quite a few replies stating that since they did not >like what TPTB was doing in Season 2 that they doubted that they would watch >Season 3. > >Now I will admit that there was some eps that I was not too thrilled with, but >I understand why they have to be (or at least I think I do). > >In Season 1, we were introduced to the characters...... [snip to end] Thank you for such a concise outline of the evolution that I saw beginning with that ARC, let alone the evolution of our exposure to the characters. I appreciate that you keep this essay to the facts that we know, and not on any speculation of either of their motivations. I agree with your assessment of the cause of her transition (removal from Michael's influence and under Jurgen's guidance) and of the transition we have been seeing. The evolution....like all things in life, lest things stagnate. Wrote about that last week. I, for one, am loving Season 2, and am anxious to see where the show will leave us when they reach the end game.... >Okay - I'm ready for the tomatoes and flames (its nice of Section to lend me >this fire retardant wet suit and welder's mask). :-) No tomatoes here....only roses. Suzita

1998-07-29 00:00:00 - Re: In Defense of Season 2 - (clbcrb@aol.com)

>Okay - I'm ready for the tomatoes and flames (its nice of Section to lend me >this fire retardant wet suit and welder's mask). :-) > >Lady Aeval of Helix >ICQ 13904380 Thanks for the great post Lady A. No tomatoes coming from my corner of Section. I like the way the show and the characters have progressed thus far. Season 2 has been very different from Season 1 it is true. The look, the sound, the vibe. As much as I loved the first season for its freshness and countless surprizes I think that the growth that has occured in Season 2 was a good call. I am hoping for Season 3 to be just as inventive and different but to maintain the aspects of the show that are important to the fans. We need all the fabulous music they introduce us to, the great wardrobes, the compelling relationships, the exciting missions and the fun techno stuff. Take the stuff that really worked from both seasons add some more that is creative and appealing to a cross section of fans and voila....Season 3 all wrapped up as a gift for the devotees of LFN. Domino In it for the long haul.

1998-07-29 00:00:00 - Re: In Defense of Season 2 - (Colin Whipple <colincpaNOSPAM@soca.com>)

Clbcrb wrote in message <1998072907001400.DAA13195@ladder01.news.aol.com>... > >Domino >In it for the long haul. Same here. There have been a few eps in Season 2 which were questionable, but the last few have been excellent, IMO. Colin (Not going anyway else on Sunday nights)