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1996-06-08 00:00:00 - Reruns... let's gp back to the start - (Chris Lonsberry <crl@norfolk.infi.net>)

Of course, in a perfect world... Larry would devote the rest of his life and that of the next 2 or 3 Hertzog generations to having total control over Nowhere Man... which, of course, could be seen on the Nowhere Man channel ...devoted to and showing nothing but NwM and related stuff. (But we don't live in a perfect world.) In an almost perfect world, Nowhere Man would run for another 5 or six seasons only to turn into Nowhere Man: The Next Generation and run for another 7 or 8. (of course, this is what we're hoping and working for now.) In a reasonably sane world, we could hope for a coupla TV movies. [read with building volume] In this present world, the least they could do before they rip every memory of a classic called Nowhere Man out of my skull only to be replaced with drivel designed to make me laugh in perfect timing with a sad attempt at comedy (using a type of mind altering device called a laugh track... designed to make people think something's funny when it's not) ... well .. the LEAST they could do is rerun Absolute Zero ... one more time!!! - Chris -