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1996-06-26 00:00:00 - Sequel Series - (Doug Shaw <doug@geom.umn.edu>)

The sequel series to Nowhere Man will not be about Thomas Veil. At least, not directly. It will open with a shot of Larry Hertzog, driving to UPN's office. There will be an argument between him and a bald guy with the word "Stan" on his desk. You won't be able to hear him over the theme music. He will bang his fist on the desk, and drop off an envelope with one word on it: Resigned. The next scene will be him packing, with travel brochures prominent. He gets gassed and wakes up in a bizzare villiage, ruled by a man only known as Conrad. Every episode will be Conrad trying to break Larry, and make him write a Conclusion Episode to nowhere man, and Larry trying to escape. Along the way he will meet bizarre characters with names like Frost, and Lynch who were also kidnapped long ago, after series that they had created were cancelled after the qualities that made viewers like them in the first place were long gone. One of the more innovative episodes will be called "A B and C" In this episode, Conrad will infiltrate Larry's dreams, while monitoring them on a big screen. He will put Larry in the Nowhere Man story, hoping to trick him into Acting Out the "real" ending. In another episode, called "Free For All", Conrad will trick Larry into believing that Larry could actually RUN UPN, and thus maybe commission UPN into developing a new Nowhere Man series, with an ending this time. My favorite episode will be "Schizoid Larry" In this episode, Larry wakes up to find himself in another house, with a man only known as "Patrick" in his. "Patrick" is said by everyone in the Villiage to be more talented than Larry at everything. The hope is that Larry will be tricked into writing the last episode of Nowhere Man to prove his own identity. The mysterious Conrad will, in the last episode, be revealed to be... David Jannsen.

1996-06-27 00:00:00 - Re: Sequel Series - (jjarrow@aol.com)

ROFLMAO!!!! -JJ ---------------- "A man without his pants leaves little room for explanation." Ramos, LEGEND "We're Starfleet officers, Mr. Kim. Weird is part of the job." Janeway, ST: VOYAGER