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1998-03-23 00:00:00 - Nowhere Man on Turkish TV - (Jean-Pierre <jpjelsma@worldonline.nospam>)

Jean-Pierre wrote: > What station/channel/network is Nowhere Man on in Turkey, and what > day/time? It's Prima, a small but good channel (had ER--the first time it was aired in Turkey). I believe yesterday it was on 8 p.m., so, it should be Sundays at that time. But you never know in Turkey. They'll schedule it for eight and air it at ten. BTW, I told my friends everything about Absolute Zero and Turnabout. There will be a hell lot of ppl watching next week. And my dad's hooked too....:) Deniz. -- -------------------------------------------------------------- Anti Spam mechanism : jpjelsma@worldonline.nospam-- replace 'nospam' with .nl to reply to me... -------------------------------------------------------------- The UN-Erase Nowhere Man Project: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/6404/ -------------------------------------------------------------- Nowhere Man Mailinlist, to subscribe send email to majordomo@cnation.com ,saying 'subscribe nowhere youremail@address.here' in the BODY of the message... (ml. is run by Sandra Jones)