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1996-09-11 00:00:00 - Nowhere Beer - (vic33@usa.pipeline.com)

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! *** (DO NOT READ if you are offended by profanity.) **** My name is, uhhh, Tom Whale. No, uhh, Tom Valhalla. Tom Veil. At least is used to be... until I started to drink this short case of "Nowhere Beer". I had it (BUURRRPPP) all... a wife (that fucking BITCH Alice.... errrr, Alysson or something, the BITCH!!), a career (WHY did I ever go take that stupid fucking picture... Hidden Pretender.... Hidden (BUURRP) Algebra.... Hidden Agenda... goddam it, I really fucked myself with that stupid move), friends (asshole Larry Levis, uhh, Hertzog? No, Larry err Levy was poking my wife, godammit, good thing he's dead now or I woulda killed him myself). What's a Hertzog anyway? What am I talking about? Oh yeah. The bastards took it all away from me, except for my Nowhere Beer. Fuckers. They want the negatives and I'm gonna hand them over soon as I find them. I was keeping a diary but spilled beer all over it. BUUUUURRRRP. Ugh. So after they took away my whole life, now they cancelled my story too. Some other fuckers with an acronym for a name... UPU or UPN or UP YOURS or something. BURRP. Fuckwads! I'll kick their asses. Goddam cocksuckers. Gimme another beer.

1996-09-12 00:00:00 - Re: Nowhere Beer - ("T. Sean Weintz" <Tweintz@idt.net>)

Fuckin Hilarious!!!! Realy!