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1998-02-15 00:00:00 - SciFi BBS Important!! - (Jean-Pierre <jpjelsma@worldonline.nl>)

Hey all: Important SCIFI bbs tip following: Jane wrote: I honestly think that you're approaching the SciFi bbs in the wrong way. When I first went online back in Aug of 1996, there were posts on the board about NwM. But they've long since been archived. I think you would better get SciFi's attention if there were a long list of posts under one article. That way, all we'd need to do is check back every now and then and post something to keep the "petition" posts alive. New visitors would just add to the long list, and the topic would never be archived. Unfortunately, all that was there before can't be added to your new drive since it's been archived. And SciFi doesn't pay attention to what's been archived unless someone requests that an old topic be revived (and has to state a compelling reason for it). With the setup now of all new NwM articles, they'll eventually vanish, and SciFi (nor anyone else) really won't have an idea of how many people posted. SO folks: to overcome this I have posted an article with the title below: "SciFi & Nowhere Man-you should reply to!" When you move over to SciFI you should click on this article and after reading it select 'reply to'...then write your own message post it, ofcourse always reply to the latest post with this title (the title will continue throughout).... JP