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1996-02-27 00:00:00 - FINALLY! A GREAT EPSIODE! - (tope@netcom.com)

So, I was doing some random stuff around the house when I realized, gee.. Nowhere Man's on. Nothing better to do, so I flipped it on, having missed the very beginning already (keep in mind, I've been losing interest after the cheesy UPNized episodes). I expected the worst. Instead I got the best! "Hidden Agenda" ranks among the best of the early episodes. Not only did it take us back to the beginning, it did it in a really clever way. I liked the cuts back and forth from The Organization's TV screen (heh, nice unintended pun), the table discussion and the "jungle" scenes. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY... it showed that you can have TV doing action without it being contrived and cheesy (NOTE TO UPN). Count me back in the fold.... when's the next new one.... hopefully we've left the junk behind and this is a return to the show I was hooked on last fall. Tope. -- Tope. "It could be his toughest race...since Lincoln." ,_ o -Little piece of humor overheard as BUMPS & STEEPS '96 / //\, Bob Dole survives the Iowa Caucuses ----------------------\>>-|------------------------------------------------- \\, tope@netcom.com bs633@freenet.uchsc.edu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's tip: You never know when the Trial of the Century will pop up again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------