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2000-08-11 00:00:00 - Lathe Of Heaven Contest - Win the Movie on DVD - (Lori Holuta <holuta@spoo.msu.edu>)

Hope you will tolerate my announcing my little contest in here, after all, I *have* confessed multiple times what I'm wearing to Larry, and I think that gives me certain priviledges. BTW - today it's black jeans, green tank top, sandals, dangly earrings. And you? Dream An Effective Dream, Wake Up To A Prize in BellaOnline's Lathe Of Heaven Contest As we know, Doctor Haber screwed up. Rather than fixing all the world's problems, each dream he suggested to poor George just made things worse. In the end, not only was the world a broken place, but Haber was a broken man. But Haber wasn't the only one keeping a sharp eye on George. What dreams were running through your mind as you watched the story unfold, what would you have suggested George dream? Did you have a moment of epiphany, that realization that 'yes!' it can all be fixed! I know the perfect dream, no side effects, no misinterpretation, the perfect answer to mankind's woes! But did anyone hear you? Back in 1980 when Lathe was first broadcast, the internet was just a dream. An effective dream, as it turns out, because now you can finally let the world know just where Dr. Haber went wrong. So, it's time to think carefully, make sure you haven't overlooked a tiny detail, then take a deep breath and speak to George. Also, just to make sure we understand you, tell us what we should expect to find when George wakes up from your effective dream. When you are ready, say "Antwerp" by going to http://www.bellaonline.com/entertainment/sci-fi_cont_0800.html. You may use approximately 100 words to share your vision with us. All dreams will be judged by turtle-like aliens retained specifically for this purpose by BellaOnline. As in any civilized society, there are rules which must be followed, and they will be found at the bottom of our entry page. If you manage to convinced these gentle visitors that your dream is truly worthy, you will receive a DVD copy of "The Lathe Of Heaven", which is being released in this format for the first time ever on August 28th. -- Lori Holuta Bella Online Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Host Entertainment Channel Manager http://www.bellaonline.com/entertainment/sci-fi.html News, Reviews, Interviews, Gossip, Chat, Boards, Fun!