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1996-06-25 00:00:00 - tonight's ep -- "Forever Lame" - (starsk13@ix.netcom.com)

I missed "Forever Jung" the first time around, on purpose. Just hearing the coming attractions was enough to decide to skip it (of course I'd missed the important (?) revelation about Alyson till now). So what do we have? Once again, Tom waltzes into a top secret Organization project with the greatest of ease. In other episodes we've explained this by saying it was all a set up. This apparently isn't, since it was given to him by his contact (if we believe the contact was on the up and up *and* wasn't being manipulated himself). Before sneaking into the lab, he gets a job at the Org. rest home with fake references. He used his real name (first, at least). How stupid are they? They give a guy with references that couldn't possibly check out a job there, and his name also just happens to be the same as the #1 guy on their most wanted list. Hey, life's a coincidence. Okay, maybe they didn't expect him to infiltrate the project...but you'd think an org. as powerful and far reaching as theirs would be a bit more...careful of who they let in. And leaving the card key just laying there? Very sloppy. If they're really this careless I'm surprised they haven't been brought down years ago. On to the revelation. Someone recently posted the theory that maybe Alyson was an old woman like the others. Yet when we're shown the other operative's data, her birth year is listed as '29, while Alyson's is '61. Another theory that's been presented is that Alyson is high ranking in the org. -- this episode would seem to contradict that, since the women they used and implanted were expendable. On the other hand, she's still alive while it's implied the others were eliminated when they finished their job. On the *other* hand, Tom's still a hot little lab rat for them, so possibly they feel they still need her. No wonder she *can't* kill Tom...maybe she knows what will happen to her when she's no longer needed... The doctor really didn't know the infamous TV. I can understand the "need to know" idea, keeping their ranks in the dark about what doesn't directly concern them, but maybe if they felt it necessary to inform *all* their operations about Tom things like this wouldn't keep happening. I didn't make the connection till now. This episode was about "fountain of youth" stuff, the next one was about UFO's. I have to ask myself, would I want the show to continue on, in this direction? Next we'd be having episodes like "Hairy Meets the Veils," where Tom joins up with Bigfoot, and "Erase Me Tender," where an organization scientist brings Elvis back to life. Me thinks someone was reading too much tabloid news. Leah