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1999-12-18 00:00:00 - First digital NwM ? - TV in the future... - (Jean-Pierre <GAR_KEIN_SPAMjpj@casema.net>)

You're not wrong about that sooner-than-you-think part... American company UPC is operating in the NL (and the rest of Europe) and is buying up TV-cable companies (the infrastructure that is) left and right all over Europe, then tying them together with high-capacity backbones... ...Internet via Sattelite is already a reality in Germany (albeit at a hefty pricetag)... Amiga Inc. (www.amiga.com, now a software-only company, so sadly no mystery Multimedia Converce Computer /MCC box with transmeta chip - which recently unveiled something about their plans (finally) -see www.transmeta.com ) has patented several things, but one of them concerns tying tv's in with the internet and a new type of user interface....they rely on Jini and Java (from Sun, www.sun.com ) as does Sony for their new internet appliances.... As Sun puts it, 'The Network is the computer' - and TV viewing in the near future will be radically different... ----- Original Message ----- From: Greg Kowaleski To: Mailinglist for NwM Sent: Saturday, December 18, 1999 5:50 PM Subject: Re: NwM- FIRST WAVE - NOWHERE MAN > In the future, the high-bandwidth internet, > pay-and-view-whatever future, they should > put the viewers in charge. Lets > Open-Source television concepts! Fanfic > writers can submit storylines, new directions > for shows, ways to reinvent the show, get a > broader (but likewise minded) audience > interested (in time!) etc etc. A jury of > clueheads, existential fans, network > programming people, tv channels folks etc > decide which storylines and plot ideas/course > changes go into the final scripts. Since we > scarcely need real actors any more > (synthespians rule the roost) the scripts can > be translated into eps in about a day, ready to > air the next. High bandwidth means viewers > can use the 'extra' material that didn't make in > into the std ep to watch alternative outcomes > and storylines... You are WAY ahead of your time, JP. Pitch your theory to a broadcast network. Your prediction will happen, sooner than any of us expect, and probably all but one or two networks will go the way of Betamax VCRs and vinyl albums (if you remember those). Present copyright laws will be obsoleted, when 10 million NwM fans worldwide collaborate on new episodes (a reverse class-action lawsuit?).