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2000-05-11 00:00:00 - Your ending - (Jean-Pierre <Kein_Spam_jpj@casema.net>)

We see Larry Hertzog sitting in Bonnie Hammers room at the SciFi channel building....the sun is setting on what was another amazingly hot and sunny day in Southern California. "You must be really proud of yourself" says hammer: "your once pet project Nowhere Man has broken every record in the book for Nielsen ratings" "Yep", says Larry..."All that, and I didn't even have to change my clothing style or give up cigars" "Guess it was lucky those hardcore fans kept pestering" continues Hammer: "without them bugging me all the time I might never have realised Nowhere Man's potential". "We would never have been able to build our new building here if not for all the succes it brought" "Yeah," goes Larry "...that and the fact the technology came around to clone Bruce Greenwood...." "after he played that role as the President of the United States, his career really took off!" "No way he was gonna go play that tough role again with the way he resented Megan..." "uhuh" say Bonnie...."although I felt that scene with the cigar was a *little* bit *too* explicit for me.... although I guess its good that we're experiencing this wave of European influence..." "Right on babe! Say, what's that you're wearing?" ----- Original Message ----- From: Sandra <sandra7@enteract.com> To: nowhere <nowhere@cnation.com> Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 12:01 AM Subject: RE: NwM- Your Ending > I didn't say I had an ending - I was just asking. :-) > > Will do some thinking about this tonight and come > up with an idea soon. > > Sandra > > > > ok...you first > > > > Sandra wrote: > > > > > What would be your ending to Nowhere Man? > > >