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1998-07-14 00:00:00 - NwM screening at colleges, university's ? - (Jean-Pierre <NOSPAMjpjelsma@worldonline.nl>)

Some of the meanderings on the Nowhere Man Mailinglist follow below : Ryan wrote with the usual enthousiasm: >> > As for more exposure, what about screenings at >> > colleges or on public access TV, or a course given as a seminar (i.e. >> > 'The Real Life Thomas Veils of the Federal Witness Protection >> > Program'. If you are dropped from the witness protection program, you >> > no longer exist as your former self or as the new self which they >> > created.) Please let me know what I can do to help. > >That just gave me an idea! The college in our town (Pacific University, >http://www.pacificu.edu) has a small hangout downtown called 'The Milky Way' >that has a coffee shop and a stage for concerts, etc. and also has a large >projection screen and a nice surround sound setup that they use for playing >movies during the school yearTo do this, I would need the entire series in really good >picture quality, and preferably in stereo since they have a surround sound >setup. Does anyone have tapes recorded that well? It would also be meaningful >for this since NwM was taped not only in this general area but in this same >town, and it would be a really neat community event (NwM was a pretty big deal >here, needles to say). It would be cool to post pictures of the 'marathon' on >my website, too :P Any ideas? > >Ryan SOunds pretty good - maybe I'll fly in and check it out, then go on a NwM Pelgrimage ;-) I still think that something with some 'size' and 'ambition' : like having three or four colleges organize a NwM showing, maybe with the possibility for the students to chat with us MANiacs afterward, or us looking in and commenting via webcams, maybe even some involvement from Larry ? Would get some serious exposure and would benefit our cause. What with several ppl at .edu's here and on the newsgroup....is there no-one even willing to explore the idea? JP http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/6404/ The UN-Erase Nowhere Man Project Pages