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1996-01-10 00:00:00 - questions: (larry? can you answer??) - (wyatt@friend.ly.net)

can anyone answer the following: 1.) in "father" although tom did cut his hand, he was coughing and dizzy long before that. was this ever explained as to what was wrong with him, or just a plot device for the dream? 2.) "in the incrediable derick", what was the "aligator" stuff and "tin foil" about? 3.) why did "they" ransack the house at the end of "its not such a wonderful life", and leave a video with the demo newscast and take off? why not play it as if with the security guards gone, "they" broke into the house, couldnt find the negatives, kidnapped alison and mom, and left a note saying "give us the negatives or they die!" then, he would have been on the phone to that female cia person and they could have worked out an exchange! having at last been in bed with his wife and gotten back to where he was before, i feel he would have cracked and done anything to get his life back. but instead, alison is painted as part of it again, further distancing her from him. he is shown how dumb he is by the phony tape, and sent on his way. "they" push him farther down the non trusting road every time. it just seemed to be suddenly over. why didnt the events go farther toward "they" getting what they wanted? "they" could have had it! reply? More theory than anything...just asking. These arert complaints by any means...just random thoughts!!!! P.S. - Thanks larry for the personal e-mail. It makes the loyalty to the show cemented! It was very nice! wyatt c.