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1996-03-31 00:00:00 - Trading Places - (jlhatch@postoffice.ptd.net)

I just rented and watched "Trading Places" after a number of years, and with NwM so much on my mind lately I couldn't help but notice a number of similarities. At one point Eddie Murphy, turned from bum into gentleman, is about to go in and find out what his new bosses want. He has this exchange with the butler/driver: Eddie (playing Billy Ray): What do they want from me? Butler: I suppose they'll tell you. Eddie: But what if I can't do it? Butler: Just be yourself, sir. At least they can't take that away from you. Another point in the movie is when Dan Akroyd goes to take money out the bank and the bank manager says the IRS has frozen his assets and he's been directed to confiscate all of Lewis' credit cards. Lewis then complains that someone is deliberately destroying his life. He seems to be becoming a Nowhere Man. His friends won't have anything to do with him, someone else is in his house and his job, and he's on the run. Apparently the two brothers are doing a scientific experiment to see if genes or environment are stronger, and I can't help but think that "they" are somehow experimenting with TV. Sometimes "they" want the negatives and are willing to kill him for them (Max Webb and Doppleganger), but at other times it seems that the negatives are not that important, *he* is. They know his every move (does he have some kind of implant that gives them exact location of his whereabouts?) and seem to be toying with his mind (not to mention ours), so the experiment idea has some merit. Anyway, for NwM fanatics, when the summer comes and there aren't even repeats on of NwM, try renting "Trading Places" again - the theme is close enough. Jeff "Downright Ingenious"* Hatch *Max Webb's description of the heavies TV faces.