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2002-05-30 00:24:55+02:00 - Tom veil '3rd generation', extraordinary, .... - (fiend41 <fiend41@chez.com>)

as i'm busy divx ing the serie (yes i started from this morning :), (currently at the 1/2 serie... the american guard training episode..) (where he's called number 6 ;), i pay much attention to each detail, and the episode with the young cyberpunk hacker in virtuality, when he gets the file, we dont see much things due to diagonal view of the picture, these words appear.. the most interrupting is "3rd generation".. so who was supposed to be Tom veil ? we know they said he was one of their best men to serve the test. but 3rd generation.. could'nt he be one those genetically trained people, like we saw on another episode with the old people being adn modified. has anyone argued about this ?