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1996-09-19 00:00:00 - Nowhere Woman - (jlhatch@postoffice.ptd.net)

Saw an interesting movie the other night. It had Tiffany Amber Thiesen (she looks *so* bloated compared to her "Saved By the Bell" years), but it must have been produced by a Larry Hertzog fan (or wannabe). She comes to with no memory, in the Pacific northwest, being stalked by guys who smoke cigars while glass chimes tinkle in the background. Sounds a bit familiar, doncha think? The second hour turns it into a rather bland attempted murder mystery, but the first hour sure had me nostalgic for the good old days when TV was doing those things. I've been trying to catch some of the new shows, and haven't seen anything with the interest-value, much less depth of NwM. I guess The Prisoner and NwM are shows that only show up every decade or so, so why should I expect something worthwhile the very next year! Jeff "What to do with Monday nights?" Hatch