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1996-04-09 00:00:00 - Through a Lens Darkly (Shutterbug) - ("Ellen B. Layendecker" <ellenlay@mediacity.com>)

Not really spoilers, but just because... Ok, I'll gush. This was a really great episode. I like the connection from memories to reflections to mirrors. Both verbal & visual symbolism is virtually continuous. Tom is guided by wire through the house from mirror to mirror, reflection to memory. The episode was beautifully written, had great pace and timing, and enough wimsey to keep it fresh. And it excelled in my favorite aspect of this show - you just didn't know what was gonna happen next. I also liked the little glass jokes - "Its just glass" says cigar-man as the lamp tinkles overhead. And yet, the shattering of the glass (the camera in this case) was what set him free. Re: upcoming episodes: Gemini was also the title of a Stingray episode Ellen