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1996-01-13 00:00:00 - Larry - ???'s about the 'biz' - (chip_d_leo@usa.pipeline.com)

I was hoping you (or anyone else) could answer some questions regarding series tv from someone who knows very little (please plead the fifth if these aren't appropriate): 1) Do you get a specific budget for each particular episode, or for a block of several episodes? 2) Does that budget cover everything? (i.e. actor salaries, travel, catering, etc.) Or, are things like cars, locations, travel, food, etc. donated by sponsors? 3) When the series ends (hopefully many years from now) who ends up owning them you, UPN, someone else? 4) Does UPN supply extra's, stunt men, etc. from a group they have contracted (to lower costs) or are they gotten from other methods? 5) Do you guys use your own equipment (cameras, lights, editing systems, etc.), or are they UPN's (or contracted out)? Thanks for any answers - I've always been interested in these behind the scenes stuff. Love the show! -- Chip Moore