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1996-05-22 00:00:00 - NZ screenings data - (kerry@hungerford.chch.cri.nz)

If anyone gives a damn anymore (Death Bed FAQ?), here's the updated NZ screenings info..as you can see, we still have a mangled order of screening....."Forever Jung" is on as I type...erk! Nowhere Man - TV-3 New Zealand ------------------------------ *=scheduled Date format=DD/MM/YY 12/2/96 "Absolute Zero" (Pilot) -9:30pm Tuesdays- 13/2/96 "Turnabout" 20/2/96 "Paradise On Your Doorstep" 27/2/96 "Something About Her" 5/3/96 "The Incredible Derek" 12/3/96 "Spider Webb" 19/3/96 "A Rough Whimper Of Insanity" 26/3/96 "The Alpha Spike" 2/4/96 "You Really Got A Hold On Me" 9/4/96 "Father" 16/4/96 "An Enemy Within" 23/4/96 "It's Not Such A Wonderful Life" 30/4/96 "Dark Side Of The Moon" -moved to 11pm Wednesdays- 8/5/96 "Heart of Darkness" 15/5/96 "Contact" 22/5/96 "Forever Jung" 29/5/96 "Shine A light On You"*