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1997-05-15 00:00:00 - Spy people on the Net - (benh@hotmail.com)

I present here my two most recent software which I hope they interest you. they are progammed by Turbo C++ and run under Windows(3.11 and 95). here is a short description of these two software. 1-Robot Spy 1.0 at my knowledge, this software is the first and the unique of its kind. This software allow you to spy your friends who are on the net at the same time of you, it permits to see exactly what they do on their screen, pixel by pixel, anywhere, in the world, at the condition they are connected to the internet. how does-it work? it���s simple, you send a file to the person you want to spy telling to him it���s a game or everythings else, the objectif is this person run the file. from this time, a batch file is installed on his computor, and everytime this person use internet, this batch connects him secretly on our server. on your side, you , after the installation of the other part of the software every time you want, you can connect on our server with your password and have the list of all the persons who received your batch and who are connected at this time. the only thing you have to do is to click on the name of the person you want to spy. a window opens containing exactly the screen of the person spied, you can have ten pictures per second with 256 colors, if you switch to balck and white mode you can onbtain a real time sequence, approximatly 30 pictures by second. Robot Mailer 1.1 The message you are reading presently is sent to more then 20,000 newsgroups with this software. This program automates FreeAgent, and reach with a connection of 28,8 Kbauds 5,000 news per hours. It can also find a maximum of 50,000 e-mail adresses from internet and send a message in 4 or 5 hours. You can obtain with this sofware the most powerful tool of mass transmittion on the internet. Robot Spy 1.0..................20 US$ Robot Mailer 1.1..............20 US$ Both..................................30 US$ I���m sorry i can���t accept credit card, but you can send an international money order to: Ben Hedi Nassef 1481 Ste-Catherine est #7 Montreal, PQ, H2L-2H9 Canada Don���t forget to include your e-mail on a paper, you receice the software ordered in your e-mail the day we receive the money order.